Here is a song i wrote... (Dont know if it's that good, please comment to tell me what you think)

[Note - The tune some what goes along with Last Friday Night by Katy Perry. You have to listen to the one with lyrics so you know how it's sort of said.]

I am sittin' all alone
In my stupid little car
Crying to myself
Thinking "What happend at the bar?"
"Where are all my friends?"
"What did I do?"
"Why am I such a mess?"
and "How'd I lose you?"

I stop cryin and open up the door
Get out and says
"F*** this I'm getting you back.
And who cares if I'm a lez,
I want you to be mine!" (echo: I want you to be mine)

I sprint the whole way there
I'm in front of your house
I burst through the door
I see you're in your blouse
Unbuttoned and in sweats
You are shocked to see me
I walk over to you and say
"Did you miss me?" (Oh baby)

Your eyes are filled with tears
I wrap my arms 'round you
You say "Never leave me"
"I'll never leave you!
I'm back and you're mine!" (echo: You're mine x3)

I h-e-a-r the raindrops f-a-l-l
And I h-e-a-r the angels c-a-l-l
So i grab your hand and run outside
We're standing side by side
I look into your eyes
You'e soo sophisticated and wise
We stand c-l-o-s-e together
We s-m-i-l-e at each other
We lean closer, closer, closer-r-r-r
{*Kiss* in music video}
(Saxophone solo)

We're kissing in the rain
Who cares if we're insane
Loving me, loving you
It's like 1+1=2 <3
We'll love until we die
We look up into the sky
And say "We'll never stop
and we'll dance 'til we drop!" (echo out: Drop, drop, drop, drop)

....So yeah thats my song. I dont know how good it is but....yeah... :P

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