Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. That's a game that I can't wait for to be released. I've already reserved a copy of it at Gamestop. I am sooo hyped for this game. There is supposed to be over 70 characters.


Very true statement (in my opinion)

63 Days til..

There is approximately 63 days until my birthday. I am happy its less than 100 days... I want the stuff on my wishlist :)


I presented my poem last night at the cafe place! They clapped! I didnt stutter or freeze! I WAS SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hopefully i won't freeze or stutter in front of the people.....
Ok i might stutter....
But HOPEFULLY i won't freeze


Gonna Read my Poem

I reworded my song into a poem. Im gonna be reading it at a poetry cafe place...thingy..Tomorrow..I am sooo excited but veryy very very nervous.
Gonna practice it until I dont stutter :)
Its gonna be wicked awesome...Hopefully :P


Working hard for the song

Working on the tune for my song. :D


I am actually using the computer at school but whatevs :P

Guardian Angel

You are my helper, so come help me
You are my caretaker, so come care about me
You watch over me, watching the path I take
You help me in my time of need
You are my guardian angel (always and forever)...

Guardian Angel by Me

I know its just a snippet(or verse) of the song but i dont want to give the whole song away because then someone my steal the song from me and i dont want that.

Its about someone that is always there for me. And cares about me. Even though they are just friend in their mind, they are my guardian angel in my mind. :)

Song about my guardian angel

I wrote a song. I thinks pretty good. I'll post it later when Im home


We Are Young


Drawing = My Life

I wish I could draw like Mashiro Moritaka (i think thats right) even though he is fictional. I love the manga Bakuman. Its my all time favorite manga. Its tied with Naruto.

I'll keep drawing until i am almost as good as Mashiro. I dont know if I'll be as good as him but i can be almost as good as him if i try hard enough


Heather Morris = Best Person Ever

I think this is pretty awesome I got an autographed pic of hemo from hemo aka Heather Morris


My awesome Christmas tree

Don't you love it? ...of course you do. I decorated it


I love snipping people on Team Fortress 2. And its free on steam. Its one of my fav shooter games


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