My mom's bedroom

My mom's bedroom smells delicious. Like sweet and sugary. I don't know why but it does. And no I'm not this normal you speak of. :-P ★


Yokohama Design College

I think I have found my dream College if I decide to go. I do want to go to college but it cost so much.
The name of this college is:
Yokohama Design College )
I have found a College that you can major in Manga. It's like a two year course.
The college is also in my most favorite place in the world...
If i were to go after high school, i would apply->get in->move to Japan->live in the dorms or an apartment close to the facility->take classes on manga + other required classes->pass the class after the period of 2 years->graduate with amazing grades with a degree in Manga->become a manga artist's assistant->be an assistant for a while(maybe being different artist's assistants to learn different things and have different experience)->possibly become a manga artist of my own Manga series :) and live happily ever after.


So happy

My friend on deviantART drew me a pic i requested and it came it out amazing :D


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