Hurricane Sandy

I live in Massachusetts. And we were hit with the Tropical Winds of Hurricane Sandy. But it does not compare on how bad other places have been hit, such as New York or New Jersey.

We must all pray for the ones who have been hit severely by this devastating storm. Although I do mean for humans, I also mean for the animals who don't have a home or are wild. I feel so sad when I see the pictures of other places that have been hit. I wish this storm never happened. No one would have to suffer the lose of their home, power, or loved ones. I hate seeing people who are suffering cause then I think to myself, "I wish I could do something...But what can I do that they haven't already tried?"

This might sound like a stupid question to some people but...Can we put off all the politics and voting? For just a little while? I know I'm not big on politics BUT We, as a nation and as team who must work together at the hardest of times no matter the differences, must focus on the biggest natural disasters (in my life) and help one another. We have to provide clothes, food, water, shelter to the ones who have lost it. Even just donating money to Hurricane Relief Funds will be good. AND DON'T YOU DARE SAY "THAT'S WHAT FOOD PANTRIES AND HOMELESS SHELTERS ARE FOR SO I DON'T HAVE TO ANYTHING." BECAUSE how would you like it if you lost your power. Or your house. Or the person/people you care about...You wouldn't like it one bit, would you?....Yea that's what I thought so don't say you don't have to help.

And there is one thing we have to provide that is very essential to everyone....Hope...I'm not trying to quote anyone but hope is important for everyone, whether you see it or not. Hope is the reason you pursue your dreams. Hope is the reason you fight for something you care about. Hope is something we have to share with the world. Whether its helping others or just inspiring people. We all must believe that we will get through this terrible disaster. (And I know I will sound super cheesy when I say this) I KNOW we will get through this. I won't say it will be easy but I think if we all believe we can get through it, we will.

"Healing Process/Recipe Ingredients"
1 Soul's worth of Hope for ever Human in America 
365 gallons Time
And Anything You'd Like To Add In

And Yes this whole article is written by a 17-year old girl. M.Cook ;)


These Actions Go to Humans, Animals, Plants, one way or another...Everything & Everybody's Home

Pray- for the ones who have lost the people they care about
Pray- for the ones who have been hurt severely in any way
Care- for the ones who need the care
Care- for the ones who can't
Love- the ones who have felt unloved
Love- the ones who seem to be hard to love
Listen- to the ones who needs to vent
Listen- to the ones who have an amazing story to tell
Be There- for the ones who need support
Be There- for the ones who can't hold it in any longer
Hug- to console the ones who are upset
Hug- the ones that might not be there later in your life
Help Out- the ones who can't help themselves
Help Out- the ones who need help
Be Nice- to one an other because you don't their story or the difficulty on their life
Be Nice- to the ones who you know but also know they also have difficulty in their life
Have A Good Time- hanging with friends because they might move on for some reason, maybe even  an unknown reason
Have A Good Time- being with family members because once they pass, you'll understand what you've learned from them and how much you really care about them
Teach- the ones about things they may not know
Teach- the ones to succeed at things they love to do
Don't Judge- the things people wear
Don't Judge- the things people like
Don't Mind- what others think of you
Do- what you love to do
Be- who you are on the inside
Show- the amazing inner-self you are on your outer-self

Trust Me, When You Are Your True-Self All That Matters Is That You Accept Yourself For The Amazingly Awesome Person You Are


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