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I've recently been playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
I love it a lot. I am hoping for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for Christmas.
I've been also watching Tobuscus and iJustine on YouTube (By the way they are the definition of awesome)
And a couple days ago i was moving stuff in my junk covered room. I was walking backwards while carrying something and then a pencil jabs into my ankle really hard. I can't step on it because it hurts too much. I'm gonna have to see a doctor about that.
Advice for future: Don't walk in messy bedroom without footwear (not socks)!!!

I also took my old computer monitor and found out i can use it as another screen on my desk.
All i need now is a wireless keyboard.
I also need drivers, more USB ports, and speaker attachments for my laptop. 

I'll might or might not post some gifts on Christmas or a couple days later.
But for now, have a:
A. Merry Christmas
B. Happy Hanukkah
C. Happy Kwanzaa
D. Other (Specify Other): ________

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