I hate being sick. I've been sick for 6-7 days now. Saw my doctor today. Got meds for cough...didnt do sheetz. Now having on and off coughing fits and spitting up...which is so un-fun....I seriously want something to cure this virus. I literally feel like i am dying. Hang on... *points at self* No! Noooooooo! No! No Coughing! Bad *Looks back at you* Ok so where was i...Oh yes, I really want to be healthy again..

And think of this quote before you act sick:

"There are people out there who are too sick to be able to go to work and school and now they are poor, homeless, or sad to say dead. We act sick to get out of our education and are way of getting through life. Think twice before fake being sick until you feel the true pain of the word 'sick'. "

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