Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV SHOW)

I'm going back to the past and re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not that shitty movie where they say name wrong (Like Aang) and misinterpret characters (Like Uncle Iroh). I am re-watching the series on Netflix which is awesome.


New favorite song

New Favorite Song:
Yakusoku by MUCC
(It is the opening song for the anime "Night Raid of 1931")


Skyrim and Night Raid of 1931

Skyrim is so much fun. I freakin love playing it. And its good i got it now because i am waiting for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 for xbox 360 on March 5. And Skyrim is a long, awesome, adventure game so it will occupy me for the time being but will probably have to trade it in for the Naruto game because i am low on money. I got it pre-owned (cause i could afford that but not the new on) and it freezing after a long time of gaming so i have to pause it or turn it off because it overheats or something. So...yea... OH and I've been watching Night Raid of 1931




Most Recent Drawing

(Includes the animes Naruto, Clannad, Deathnote, Sgt. Frog, Pokemon, Black Butler, Soul Eater, & Gintama)

[Hand Drawn by M.Cook (aka ME)]

Friday + Long Weekend

 Rockin' Out on Friday!!

Happy Friday world of the interwebs! So happy it's Friday! I'm having a great day so far. And I'm pretty sure its only gonna get better! Gonna have a Tobuscus (Toby Turner) gaming marathon for a little.

Gonna read some books (Novels or Manga) for school (I know, i am that awesome) Maybe draw something later.

(The cat is representing me on the computer)


Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3!

This game looks amazingly awesome! I am so excited for this game. It's coming out in March for Xbox 360 and PS3. And I am happy to say I did reserve my copy. :) So much excitement, especially i just watch a trailer for it! Looks soo awesome.

Gone Series by Michael Grant

I have 1-5. I am reading #5 now. I want #6, which comes out a few days after/before my birthday! :D love this series of books.


I'm a believer in helping others in life

I have been thinking a lot about the world and how I can help with changing it for the better for others. I've thought about working at a soup kitchen or donate blankets n stuff (i say blankets because its like below freezing where i am, it was 26'F at 2pm on the 3rd of Jan)

I want to help the world. I want to help the sick with caring for them if they dont have help. I want to make the world a better place. I'm not trying to go hippie on you but like. Why can't we donate food that we get but probably wont eat? Why don't we donate leftovers from buffets instead of throwing them away? Why can't we donate our time to help others? Why don't we have mini-shelter like structures? Like they dont have plumbing. They'd have like one outlet and it would have enough space to spread out and sleep.

Or like shelters from "Tokyo Godfathers" [PG-13]
I want to inspire others who have fallen down in life to get back up and try again. They have a purpose. Whether we know it or not yet, we all have a purpose.

We can also help homeless animals, wildlife, the plant life, earth.

And you never know, you might, just might, help yourself figure out something you never knew about yourself.

Here some ideas i have to help others:

  • Why don't you go to McDonalds or some other place that has a dollar menu, get different food, walk around  and if you see a homeless person ask if they are hungry. if so give them food.
  • Get flowers and just hand them out to random strangers to be nice or to make someone's day better
  • Read to children
  • Help out a shelter for animals or humans
  • And many more!!
I know if we help out or just try to make people feel happier, the world will be happier.


I hate to say this but

I hate to say this but Call of Duty Black Ops 2 disappointed me. I really don't like it. Either I've played COD:MW3 for so long or Black Ops 2 just sucks. And what makes the situation worse is that i bought it New at gamestop and you dont get a refund unless its unopened. Roar! Oh well.

Keroro and Tobuscus

I am now currently watching Sgt. Frog on Netflix. I love it, although the opening song doesn't make sense and some other things in the show don't completely make sense but oh well. I love Sergeant Keroro, Giroro (and his crush on Natsumi is really cute), Dororo, Natsumi Hinata, Aki Hinata (hotness), and Koyuki Azumaya.

On youtube I've been watching a lot of iJustine videos. And too many (well you can never have too many) Tobuscus videos. I say too many because I've been saying a lot of stuff he says. For example: "HotitHotHot" or "Aw god dangit" or just random stuff.


My school can block stuff on the computers they gave us. Even if we aren't at school. So I just tried to look at my blog and it's blocked. Why? Because it just says local-block. And I'm pretty sure I know what it means. It means that someone at the school (teacher or someone) blocked my blog for no reason...Good job. You get a round of displause (opposite of applause) because of your stupidity and immaturity. Sorry for expressing my feelings and emotions on my blog of awesomeness.

Very True Statement


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