Quickly to add on to my Serious Post

Just a quick add-on to my serious post:

I just wanted to say how News Anchors ask the questions no one wants to hear. Like (enhance stupid voice) "Did you see the murderer?" , "Do you think so-and-so is still alive?" , "Do you think your wife/ husband/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ family member/ friend did this?" or "Do you think you'll ever forgive family member/ friend for doing what he did?" ...Like no, just no. If a news anchor ever hassles you for anything, honestly just slap them or tell them to get the f*** away before you slap them :P I am really not the one to encourage violence but seriously it's so annoying. Don't freaking crowd around your car so you can't get to it, or crowd your front door so you can't leave. Like...honestly....

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