My Thinking

Life has infinite mysteries and unknowns. It's fun to search and explore for the answer. But it's scary to do it alone. Earth is filled SO many people and animals. Whether you find someone to find a lot of answers with you or only find one answer, you're still a step further than you were before. Life is about finding answers. Through hardship or happiness, rain or shine, darkness or light, laughter or sadness. It's all about finding answers about life, your surroundings, and you. And whether or not you see the answer is all up to you cause even if you can't see it, it's there. You just can't see it yet but don't worry, with time and actions, you will. And when your time on life is up, you will be able to see all the answers but the answers will overwhelm you and cause you to sleep eternally knowing the answers of Life itself. - My thinking (Michelle Cook)



Violinists in Anime

When I am watching anime, the music is always amazing. But something that is truly amazing is when a character plays the violin. It's beautiful. I loose myself in the notes and i feel the emotion.



Have you ever wanted to be with someone so bad?

The fear of "her" moving on in life. The fear of her forgetting me (vice-versa). The fear that I wont be able to protect her. The fear....she will die....when i might have been able to protect her......

Please.....Dont leave me...Let me be with her......


Poems that I Wrote...

Why are you in my head?
I just want you to leave
Yet I don’t want to let you go
You are the inspiration that makes me believe

I want to believe
Believe that we are meant to be
Together forever
But I don’t think that's what you see

You are nice
You are all I wanna see
You are caring
You have a great personality

I want to believe
Believe that we are meant to be
Together forever
But I don’t think that's what you see

Just let me believe
Believe in what I need to
So I can be happy
Even though it’s not true


She is sweet
She is kind
She is caring
I wish she were mine

She stole my heart
I'll let her keep it
I really like her
She's a perfect fit

I'm all hers
She's the best thing ever
If i could hold her in my arms i wouldn't let go
Not once, Never

She's smart
She's cute
She's beautiful
And smells like fruit

To protect her
I'd die
And because she cant be mine
I cry

Her beautiful blond hair
Her eyes that shine just right in the sun
She is so nice
And so much fun (to be with)

She makes me so happy
Maybe even euphoric
Never sad
But maybe lovesick

If She were mine I'd treat her better
Better than any guy (and yea i'm a girl)
I would give her all my love
And never lie

Her smile makes me smile
Her personality is perfect
She is one of a kind
She deserves love and respect


Just remember something:
“You can’t choose who you fall for but you can choose who knows and who doesn’t.”


The Simple Answer

I can't stop this feeling I have.
I've tried to suppress it but its still there.
I can't stop thinking about you.
Your cute laugh
Your adorable smile
Your beautiful eyes

Is it crazy the way i feel?
Is it crazy that i want to shout from the heavens so everyone knows how much you mean to me?
Is it crazy that i'd give my life so i could protect yours?
Is it crazy that i can't sleep because you don't know how much you mean to me?
Is it crazy that you mean the world to me?
Is it crazy that if i hug you that i never want to let you go?
If all that is crazy then I must be pretty damn insane

I can't sleep
Can't eat
Can't breathe
Can't do anything
Can't be truly happy with my life because you aren't there

It's killing me, painfully, because you don't know how much you mean to me
You have the key to my heart, why not use it?
Don't throw it away
Use it
Make me the most happiest girl in the wait...UNIVERSE! Because you would make me that happy

Honestly, i think i love you. I love you. I love you so much. That's how i feel for you. And that's what keeps playing over and over in my mind and it'll keep playing and playing forever and ever. It's been the answer all along but I've been avoiding. Just the (seemingly) simply answer.....

I Love You 


It's so irritating ...

It so irrating waiting for Gamestop to open....I'm trying to waste time.....urg

Cant sleep because...

I can't sleep because i know today is the day that Naruto Ultimate Ninja storm comes out and i am too excited to sleep :P


Tomorrow (March 5th) is the day....




Naruto Videogames

So freaking excited for the new naruto game that it was in my dream :) I seriously sooo excited for this game

I have owned so many naruto games and loved every single one


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