Where Did I Go?

I am in TN right now and busier than before so I might not be able to post blog posts.


Free Yourself (From False Wrong Doings)

If you think you have been told wrong but you know in your heart that you are right then do whatever you can to say your right. Speak your mind. Find proof. Whatever. Be VERY meticulous with your words and statements.
Speak with true emotion. Let your emotions out. Let them flow out.
Just don't vilify the person who says your wrong because it would only make things worse. 
Be Brave. Be Confident. Be Strong.

Exculpate Yourself From The False Accusation of Doing Wrong.


Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips

I really really love this song. I feel like it's so true in the situation of gradutating high school. Like I love my classmates as friends and stuff. No matter if they are gone or not, they will always be in my heart forever.

EDM 'n' stuff

I am actually like edm and stuff similar to it. I LOVE Krewella. I like Basshunter, Skrillex, David Guetta, Zedd, Swedish House Mafia, and such. Top 3 EDM of right now
1. Killin' It - Krewella
2. Clarity - Zedd
3. Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) - Krewella


Prayers Go Out to Boston Marathon fans and runners

My heart is in so much pain after the recent tragedy in Boston, MA. My prayers will be going out to all Boston Marathon fans and runners. My prayers also go out to every place in the world. And I pray that nothing like this will happen again. That it will never happen on a once-happy day with the sun shining. It's scary to think that the bombing was so close to where i live (in a sense). I wonder who would do such a horrendous act of violence and terror. And I really wonder Why the hell someone would do something like this... May the deceased rest peacefully, may the injured heal well, and may all the families of the world come together to help one another try to cope as much as they can with the situation. Cause we all must help one another to heal our hearts the most we can, thought we cannot truly heal them from such a tragedy.


Let's play a wonderful, fun game that everyone loves...

(Title is total sarcasm)

Let's play Hunger Games: Airport edition.
Here how it goes:
If you hold the 'lucky' ticket, you will be approached by a TSA worker.
The TSA member will empty your ENTIRE bag, checking each item.
Then they will touch/pat your body down to make sure you don't have anything suspicious.

Wanna hear the best part?
They don't choose you by looks or clothing.
Its. All. RANDOM.

They'd even pat down a 5-year old girl.

How do I know? That 5-year old girl was my newly adopted sister.

We almost missed our flight because of the TSA. But they don't seem give any sort of f***. I bet they say "Oh you missed your flight because of us patting down your 5-yr old girl? They go buy another ticket."

I seriously hate the TSA for this.
They are on my list of things I hate.


Randomly starting to feel depressed because of being single is so much fun....
(not my drawing)


Another Advice Tip on Life

"Don't fight a battle that where you are the only one fighting. Then it's a one sided battle. And you're the only one getting hurt." -M.Cook (Me)


Recent Life Situations

Two recent situations in my life really irked me. Like seriously irked me.

1. A teacher told a student, who is my friend, to ignore me. Why? Because she feels like I would make her (the student) feel awkward. I JUST WANTED TO APOLOGIZE FOR SOMETHING I SAID! I ONLY SAID IT BECAUSE I WAS MAD!! In all honest of my opinon, that teacher has always been immature as a teacher. She would rarely do her job. She would talk to students that AREN'T part of the program she works in. She's use her iPhone to show photos to the other teachers. When i was in the program i would need help but she seemed busy with other non-school related, important things. A teacher should NEVER have the ability to control a students life in any way. They aren't parents nor guardians. And they aren't the student they are trying to control. YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO CONTROL YOUR LIFE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!

2. The High School sent a letter to my home. It said, and i quote, "We have recently inspected student laptops at the high school and your child's laptop is in need of repair. Your child has incurred a charge of $200.00 for recent damage (Tier III i.e. Spill Damage, Cracked Screen, Dropped Laptop) to the issued high school laptop..."
Here is the problem though...
They have a rule that if you bring your laptop to the Tech. Lab without the case, they won't take it.
I couldn't find my laptop case before so I assumed that they wouldn't take it. Luckily I found my case recently.

My High School is Corrupted.


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