Let's play a wonderful, fun game that everyone loves...

(Title is total sarcasm)

Let's play Hunger Games: Airport edition.
Here how it goes:
If you hold the 'lucky' ticket, you will be approached by a TSA worker.
The TSA member will empty your ENTIRE bag, checking each item.
Then they will touch/pat your body down to make sure you don't have anything suspicious.

Wanna hear the best part?
They don't choose you by looks or clothing.
Its. All. RANDOM.

They'd even pat down a 5-year old girl.

How do I know? That 5-year old girl was my newly adopted sister.

We almost missed our flight because of the TSA. But they don't seem give any sort of f***. I bet they say "Oh you missed your flight because of us patting down your 5-yr old girl? They go buy another ticket."

I seriously hate the TSA for this.
They are on my list of things I hate.

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