My Top 15...

This is my top 15 famous girls that I think a freaking sexy ;)

  1. Jahan Yousaf (from Krewella)
  2. Yasmine Yousaf (from Krewella)
  3. Olivia Munn
  4. Justine Ezarik (iJustine)
  5. Melissa Benoist
  6. Heather Morris
  7. Naya Rivera
  8. Taryn Southern
  9. Anna Kendrick
  10. Genesis Rodriguez
  11. Selena Gomez
  12. Olivia Wilde
  13. Shay Mitchell
  14. Diana Agron
  15. Mila Kunis

My Idea for a music video for Play Hard by Krewella

I am a HUGE fan of Krewella. And I was in the car blasting the song "Play Hard" by them and I had a sudden idea of a music video. And here it is.

Jahan and Yasmine are the'good' main characters. And Kris (Rain Man) would be the 'bad' main character.

Jahan is chillin in their apartment (she has already gotten her heart taken). Yasmine walks in and Jahan realizes her heart has also been taken. Jahan and Yasmine both agree who did it. Jahan and Yasmine are going after a wealthy tycoon (Kris) who is stealing hearts. Jahan and Yasmine gather other heartless people to go after the tycoon. Jahan and Yasmine and the army go to war with Kris's army. The city streets are becoming a battleground. Jahan and Yasmine fight their way through Kris's army and up through the building to Kris. Kris transforms into a monster of darkness (that steals hearts, of course). They battle him and in the end stabs him in the heart. Every heartless person gets their hearts back.


  • The Heartless People have a dark empty hole in place of their heart
  • Heartless don't act different then humans in the sense that they do daily human acts but they seem emotionless/heartless




Have you ever regretted trading in a video-game at Gamestop or a store like Gamestop?

I have...I am T.T


(luckily Saints Row IV is coming out in August...So far away)


Anime, COD, WoW! Oh My!

 Been watching a lot of different series of anime recently. Like Sword Art Online, Oreimo, K, and more.

I have also been playing a lot of Call of Duty. So much fun.

And Lots of hours of World of Warcraft.



So much more excited for Saints Row IV than I was for Naruto Ninja Storm 3


Life is never ending & non-stop.

Life is never ending, whether you're there to live it or not. It's also non-stopping. Sometimes you just have to stop yourself while life goes on and just close your eyes and remember. Remember the past. The days with friends. The school days. Every detail matters. You close your eyes and say out loud (or not) "Oh yeah I remember when I did...." or "she/he did this..." You may start to cry. You may not want to remember somethings. But EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED IN YOUR LIFE MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE! Whether you're strong, faster, smarter, wiser, etc., Every single thing that has happened in your life made the person you are.

I remember many 'bad' memories/situations. Some filled with depression. Some with anger. Some with anxiety. But ALL of them made me much stronger mentally and emotionally, wiser, and more aware if such situations ever happen again.

And amazingly enough, I wouldn't want it any other way ;)


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