"I am a Tree" by Michelle Cook (Me)

I am a tree.
I have been planted into reality.
I have grown close to neighboring organisms.
My roots have entangled and dug themselves into one spot.
I cannot move.
I cannot communicate with others well.
I am stuck in this one spot.
Reality and life passes by me as I wither away.
I am lonely and sad.
My body slowly corrodes and becomes infected with poisonous bugs.
My leaves fall off and become brown and brittle.
Even though the rain falls, I do not heal.

I am a human.
I have been born into reality.
I have grown close to people around me.
My emotions have twisted and manipulated myself in one way.
I cannot go forward in life.
I cannot talk to others well.
I feel paused in one section of life.
Reality and life passes by me as I stay still.
I am lonely and depressed.
My life becomes ill as I am surrounded by hazardous people.
My mind slowly deteriorates.
Even though my tears fall, I don't heal.

I am a tree.

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