Top 7 Songs from Krewella's new album, Get Wet (includes extras available on iTunes)

Top 7 Songs (of my choice) from the Get Wet album by Krewella
  1. Enjoy The Ride
  2. Human
  3. Live For The Night
  4. We Are One
  5. We Go Down
  6. Light & Thunder (feat. Gareth Emery)
  7. Alone Together (Krewella Remix) [Technically this song came free on their site before the album came out, but I love this song so much]

"We were born ready, ready to be free

Chasin' every thrill we could see
With our eyes steady, waking to the dream
Aching to be thrown in the ring

If nothing comes easy as long as we're breathing
We'll go all the way or go home
We were born ready, wherever it leads
What we have is all we need

'Cause if it's fast or slow
All I really know is I'm gonna enjoy the ride
And if it's hard or soft before we get off
I'm gonna enjoy the ride, enjoy the ride"
Enjoy The Ride -Krewella

The Preview for Glee Episode on 10.03.13

So in the preview for Part 2, Beatles themed, Glee
Naya Rivera (as Santana)
Demi Lovato (as ?)
have like a preview kiss
(meaning that the almost kiss but it changes scene in the preview before you could find out)

I fangirl-ed so much! XD I was spazzing and giddy

Fog makes me feel less lost than life (and made my hair moist)

Just walked my dog in the thick fog, fall morning. It felt nice. I don't know how to explain it besides I felt less lost in the fog than I do in life right now. I was nice. I felt happier in the fog. Is that weird?

It also made my hair moist


Why am I a "Loner"? (I have a lot of verbatim in my blog)

Why am I a Loner?
Because the world has been cruel to me for 18 years.
So many times I've been bullied, glared at, ignored. I wish I had a voice but when I try to say something, my voice is silent in other people's ears.
Middle School
I was the girl who was constantly picked on by all the douche-bag guys. They'd picked on the way I dressed. They way I looked. They knew the fact that I didn't talk much that They could say whatever They want. They'd laugh at me. Occasionally, some girls would make fun of me but most girls didn't mind me. They weren't mean but they weren't nice. They were neutral. Except one girl. This girl acted as my friend. At some point I didn't give her what she wanted, so she decided to blackmail me. I gave in but told my counselor. It was decided that I would not talk to her for a long while. I, myself, broke of the friendship because I don't need people like that in my life, poisoning it with their venomous words.
In Middle School, I dressed in Hoodies and Jeans because I was super self-conscious already from my body. I was quiet. I didn't say much to anyone.
In as sense it made me hate school and made me afraid of going. I would act sick or stay in bed so I wouldn't have to go to school. Eventually I convinced my mom to let me go to school only for the main 4 classes (technically 3) and I would walk around the school with the gym teacher for gym. The gym teacher was nice to me. She would listen to me and didn't seem to judge me.
High School
High School wasn't fun either. I was going into a "new world" (in a sense) and I also figured out my sexuality. Freshman year - probably the worst year. Physics and English the Ex-friend was in both of those classes. Gym had the ex-friend's new friend in it. In gym, I was a total loner. Most kids were from the other Middle School so they would laugh and at me and stuff because the other girl who was friend's with the ex friend would whisper to them, look at me, then laugh. Sophomore year was neutral. Junior year was, again, neutral. Senior year, I was doing my own thing, alone. It was really nice because I didn't have to deal with anything relating with people or worrying about other people.

I stick to Music, Drawing, Gaming, Blogging, Reading, Writing, sometimes TV, Youtube, Reading Manga, and Watching Anime on HULU.


What the ____ is going on outside?!

Somewhere Outside My window:

Me, sitting at my desk:
 [Thinking] "Should I be running for my life?"

 [Cont. Thinking] "Or should I prepare for a fight?"


Sister Rant #2

Click link below for Sister Rant #1


My sister plans things without asking my mom. She says "Oh by the way I'm going to the Football game after practice. Don't worry __(Insert Friend Name)__'s mom said it was okay."

She makes plans with friends, without inviting my mom and me, and the complains how we don't include her. She doesn't include us all the time. We don't get to upset because we don't really like doing what she's doing. A lot of the time we ask her and she says no then later on she yell at us for not including her or asking her.
Note: what is written below is in an angry voice and in the point of view of my sister (somewhat)
She remembers things as she is always right. My mom and I never include in anything, because are monsters who are just out to get her and she has the most hardest life ever compared to everyone else in the world. She can as much carbs as she wants and she is allowed to takes people's things and claim that she 'forgot'. She can do anything she wants cause she has the hardest life!!!!!!

Poor Planning by My (old) High School (And I'm having a Nagato/Pain Moment of Spam)

Apparently "it's not my place to complain" but I'm going to complain anyway, cause that's what do on my blog a lot.

(Note: I have graduated from High School)
My old high school does not have sweatshirts /sweatpants/gear that has the school's emblem, made just for the sports teams. Instead the team members create them on a probably-not-safe site AND pay $50-$70 for clothing that might fit but probably wont. 

I also don't see the problem with wearing a non-team related sweatshirt (like a blank hoodie or college or something). I honestly don't.

The high school should just make some and sell if for $40 (all sizes) considering that my sister has to also pay for other things that might happen on the team.

I miss my bubby :( R.I.P Bubblez (aka Bubooga, Bubby, Baby Bubooga)


Classists, Zoning Laws, and More Rage

Time to open up the old Deathnote for my rage again.

Zoning Laws piss me off a bit. I live in a Single-Family Area. That means you are allowed one family, one kitchen etc, etc. It pisses me off because what if my friend's family just lost their house to a fire and needed to stay at my home until they got enough money to buy a new home? Oh nope you can't. I know you just lost your house but the law in my neighborhood is that you can't stay at my home and I don't wanna get in trouble with the law or get fined. Is that what I'm supposed to tell them?! FUCK. NO! I would welcome my friend's family in with open arms because I care about them more. Rather than some stupid unfair rule.

Some zoning laws are Classists. Like if you don't make enough money to cover somethings and you need to let a family or a person rent a room, that wouldn't be allowed depending on the area. Or if you can't pay enough you get kicked out but it isnt your fault if you don't get enough of an income.

Wanna know a big reason why there are a lot of homeless?! BECAUSE THERE ARE MANY CLASSIST RULES AND LAWS, MADE BY CLASSIST PEOPLE!!

There is violence, sex, drugs, or whatever whether you are Rich or Poor. 

Violence happens a lot in poor areas because they know it was the only way to survive in the area.

But note that the President (any president, not just Obama) send Army men and women out which causes violence. They decide war plans.

Plenty of Celebs have done drugs. PLENTY.
This is what I would do to all the classists and annoying things that honestly are pointless


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