Classists, Zoning Laws, and More Rage

Time to open up the old Deathnote for my rage again.

Zoning Laws piss me off a bit. I live in a Single-Family Area. That means you are allowed one family, one kitchen etc, etc. It pisses me off because what if my friend's family just lost their house to a fire and needed to stay at my home until they got enough money to buy a new home? Oh nope you can't. I know you just lost your house but the law in my neighborhood is that you can't stay at my home and I don't wanna get in trouble with the law or get fined. Is that what I'm supposed to tell them?! FUCK. NO! I would welcome my friend's family in with open arms because I care about them more. Rather than some stupid unfair rule.

Some zoning laws are Classists. Like if you don't make enough money to cover somethings and you need to let a family or a person rent a room, that wouldn't be allowed depending on the area. Or if you can't pay enough you get kicked out but it isnt your fault if you don't get enough of an income.

Wanna know a big reason why there are a lot of homeless?! BECAUSE THERE ARE MANY CLASSIST RULES AND LAWS, MADE BY CLASSIST PEOPLE!!

There is violence, sex, drugs, or whatever whether you are Rich or Poor. 

Violence happens a lot in poor areas because they know it was the only way to survive in the area.

But note that the President (any president, not just Obama) send Army men and women out which causes violence. They decide war plans.

Plenty of Celebs have done drugs. PLENTY.
This is what I would do to all the classists and annoying things that honestly are pointless

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