Middle School: Worst Years of School Life; High School, Does it Actually Get Better?

Middle School: Worst Years of School Life. PERIOD

Some of the worst years of my life. Its horrible. It's like School Hell. You are that age when you are going through puberty, whether female or male, you notice some change. Your voice changes. You get your period (not fun). You body changes. Bullies can be created because they feel self-conscious about there changes and what not. And so does your emotions and feelings. 7-8th grade is when i figured out my sexuality. That can make it a lot more difficult. 6th grade is probably the worst [Middle School] grade to be in. In 6th grade, you are separated into class levels, based on the knowledge you know. Teachers might deny that, but trust me its true. I feel that is the wrong age to do that because you are only a single year into middle school and they are all ready deciding your fate. They should at least test for anxieties that are a possible factor to your test taking or school work. But instead the give you that test but put you in special help, which is total BS. So its like instead of helping you with your problems and keeping you in the regular classes, they pull you out and put you in the 'special' classes with help. Which is very very low level work and low standards. And its not special. Special (in this context) means that you have a mental disability so you are incapable of being in regular classes, which makes you feel like an outcast. Again total BS. You should be having the feeling of a normal experience of school. A lot of people in life have some kind of disability. I just think its wrong how, in a way, the school system penalizes you for your disability. There are medication and you can see therapists or rehab or whatever but truth be told you can never fully get rid of it. You are born with the disability and it progresses as you become older. Fact of life.

I have depression, social anxiety and general anxiety. Those feelings came at the beginning of middle school, so I was obviously put into the lower classes. I felt like an outcast. All my friends were in upper level, so I lost all those friends in middle school (which sucked).BUT!!! I would like to not that some of the students in the lower level classes became friends with me later in high school. One girl, who was in my 8th grade (lower level) science/social studies class, was in a bad place in middle school. Later in high school, I came to somewhat comprehend her place at that time and we became great friends during high school. It's just all in the experience. I believe your friend group changes constantly during school years.

High School, Does It Actually Get Better?

The answer to this important question is:
It's all based on how.

How you react to situations. How well you focused in classes. How well your grades are. How well you interacted with people in and outside of school.

Grades aren't the only thing that matters. Social aspects matter too.

I'll use myself as an example:

In one of my classes, I was marked absent. Why? Because I had, and still do, a quiet demeanor. I wasn't the one who raises their hand first. Or talks to much in class. I was the kid who just sat there quietly and did her work quietly. I was never picked for groups. I got a low grade on a open book debate in English because I didn't say anything (SORRY I DIDN'T WANT TO INTERRUPT, but even then i would be pushed aside). Once I tried to tell a group of kids that we didn't have gym today but they completely ignored me and asked another kid, who was more up in the food chain than i was. I was really just a nobody. I was only a somebody if there was group work or someone needed help but everyone else was busy. And with my depression and anxieties, plus i choked up on tests, it made me seem like i didn't know anything. On the other hand, I met some amazing people that touched my heart. A couple teachers, a bunch of people from a program called Compass that was in my high school. Initials of the Compass People (teachers and students): AB, CD, EL, LO, NF, JB, AM, DD, LT, and the ones i knew for a short time. Miss you all very much. I've lost contact since I have graduated. I do miss them. If they are reading this (very unlikely though) I wish them an great future filled with success and happiness (unlike this summer aka Summer of Death 2013).

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