Top 7 Songs from Krewella's new album, Get Wet (includes extras available on iTunes)

Top 7 Songs (of my choice) from the Get Wet album by Krewella
  1. Enjoy The Ride
  2. Human
  3. Live For The Night
  4. We Are One
  5. We Go Down
  6. Light & Thunder (feat. Gareth Emery)
  7. Alone Together (Krewella Remix) [Technically this song came free on their site before the album came out, but I love this song so much]

"We were born ready, ready to be free

Chasin' every thrill we could see
With our eyes steady, waking to the dream
Aching to be thrown in the ring

If nothing comes easy as long as we're breathing
We'll go all the way or go home
We were born ready, wherever it leads
What we have is all we need

'Cause if it's fast or slow
All I really know is I'm gonna enjoy the ride
And if it's hard or soft before we get off
I'm gonna enjoy the ride, enjoy the ride"
Enjoy The Ride -Krewella

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