This coming Saturday (11/2) and Sunday (11/3)

This coming Saturday is my grandmother's church's annual fair event. I am so EXCITED!! I usually don't get excited for fair things but this one always has cool things. There is one part that I love. People, I'm not sure when it starts, brings there own stuff in that they don't want. I always find things that I want. I found a WORKING Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with a Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt and Spelunker with two regular controllers, a giant controller and the duck hunt gun. I also found a mini gaming chair that works. Plus cute trinkets of sorts. You might call me some-what of a horder. IM NOT AS BAD AS BEFORE!! >-< I'm hoping to find something, at least, almost amazing as the NES.

And on Sunday, it is my anniversary. Not a wedding/dating/etc anniversary. It is the anniversary of when I arrived into America ^-^ Some of you (probably all of you) don't know this but I am adopted. I was born in India and brought into America to my amazing mother. I think, because I have a horrible memory, I was brought here months after I was born (April 1st, 1995). I wasn't even a year old and I already had my first plane ride. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful mother who has always been there for me even thought sometimes it doesn't seem like she is. I have to be there for her now as she begins her chemo to keep her cancer away. I love My Mommy! <3


I was doodling and decided to do a mix of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) and Pokemon (specifically Pikachu).
There is a reason why a shadow of Raichu is behind Pikachu.
Check out it out on my deviantart to find out ^-^

~Link to it on My Deviantart Gallery~


My renter is a total dickhead

I'm trying to fall asleep. So comfy, about to drift off until my renter parks in the driveway. Slamming his door. I was trying to be polite about it but instead he is a dick about it. I obviously delete his number because I'm not allowed to text him. FUCKIN HATE HIM SO MUCH

The Cutesy Clutz who stole my heart

How do I describe this feeling? Is this love? And not just love, true love. Is THIS true love? My heart and mind feel like it is. I’ve never met her in real life. But there is so much in common between the two of us. We have very similar interests. She is nice and caring. I would pack my suitcase and walk all the way to her. She lives in Canada. It takes 5 days to Ontario. 32 days to get to Alberta. I’d walk any amount, knowing that I get to see her. That I finally get to meet this amazing girl.
If there was such thing as perfection, she’d be the image next to the definition. Her name would be a synonym.
It seems so insane to say such things because I never met her but I can’t deny this strong feeling and connection I have with her.
She is a Cutesy Clutz that has taken my heart.


I've met my soul mate

So I met this girl on Facebook. Her and I relate on a level that I never had with anyone.

I have fallen head over heels for her.

She is so cute. I really really really like her. I would totally walk all the way where she is (Canada)

It would take 5 days or so to get to Canada.
I would totally do it ^-^

Update on Life

I'm gonna make this an update post.
Sorry I haven't been posting recently. I just not really sure what to post.

I've [re]bought Mass Effect 2. I'm gonna play it, making sure I don't lose my entire team so I can have them on the Citadel DLC on Mass Effect 3.
Sadly I'll have to re-buy/re-find the guns, add-ons, armor, fish, etc. Its sucks but it'll be totally worth it.



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