The Cutesy Clutz who stole my heart

How do I describe this feeling? Is this love? And not just love, true love. Is THIS true love? My heart and mind feel like it is. I’ve never met her in real life. But there is so much in common between the two of us. We have very similar interests. She is nice and caring. I would pack my suitcase and walk all the way to her. She lives in Canada. It takes 5 days to Ontario. 32 days to get to Alberta. I’d walk any amount, knowing that I get to see her. That I finally get to meet this amazing girl.
If there was such thing as perfection, she’d be the image next to the definition. Her name would be a synonym.
It seems so insane to say such things because I never met her but I can’t deny this strong feeling and connection I have with her.
She is a Cutesy Clutz that has taken my heart.

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