A Discovery that makes sense

My sister is a kleptomaniac. 

Kleptomania is the inability to refrain from the urge to steal items for reasons other than personal use or financial gain. There "is the recurrent failure to resist impulses to steal items even though the items are not needed for personal use or for their monetary value

I remember when she first was here at the age of 5, she stole a lollipop from a store cause she thought it was okay. We told her that it wasn't okay so she understood. But now she has taken A LOT of my books (plus adding her name into the books that already have my name in it, pokemon cards (which she doesn't care about at all), hole puncher, two bottles of motrin (concerning a little), and a bunch of other things. She does have OCD about things being even. Numbers, "fairness", positioning of things, volume level on the television, etc. :I Its really annoying. I feel like she does it and doesn't remember. 

My Stuff....T-T

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