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Ladies and Gentlemen...Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian

I still use tumblr...

I would to note to anyone who reads this that I still use my tumblr more than this but I kinda miss this blog. It was my first blog and I would have so much writing whether if someone actually does read it or if I am typing to myself.
Call me weird it's whatever. This was my way to vent. I really miss using it. I might not use it a lot but I'll try to use it sometimes. I'll post the link also on my tumblr so hopefully it's noticed there.

But again this is like my vent-blog. Voice my opinion and such.


I've been using Tumblr more

I've been converting to Tumblr instead. I might touch this blog but not sure. I'll keep it  up though


Grunt: True Krogan or True Kitten


*approaches mercs*

Attention enemy, please cease hostile actions. I believe benefit of mutual exchange.

- - -

At Party
"Lets turn up the music and have some dancing"

"Right away Commander. It gives me a chance to try my twist and spin feature."

Normandy Crew

Nobody's fresher than my mutha fuckin clique


New Phone

I got myself a new phone; Specifically the LG Enact. I like it. I can work more on stories I am currently working on :D


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