Current Playthroughs

I'm playing through the Mass Effect Trilogy (again), currently on Mass Effect 2. This time I am trying my best to be as renegade as I can but it is hard. I am so used to being Paragon and I hate being an ass to the Normandy crew. I have yet to play the Overlord DLC but that DLC I know I am going to chose the paragon side...It's just awful if you chose the other one.

I am also currently playing through Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a second time with New Game+. This time romancing Yennefer while being my considerate, caring witcher self XD Even though witcher's aren't normally so considerate. I love Yennefer's cooler demeanor compared to Triss's fiery (sometimes scary) passion. And though this is most definitly not a romance option, I love Cirilla. So care-free and yet stubborn about getting her way. I also do love Johnny the Godling. I love all the different locations of the Witcher world, I really love Toussaint. Such a beautiful land.

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