Thinking Aloud Post 2.0

I've been wanting to play so many games but I've mainly been Witcher 3 (New Game+) and Mass Effect 3 (Insanity Play-through) and recently been playing Stardew Valley (All great games) [List of Games I'm Currently Playing-through]

I've been really wanting to play Saints Row 3. I love that game so much. The crude humor and violence. The gang members (Shaundi & Kenzie). But everytime I open the game, my mind is like "Nope, you don't wanna play that game. You wanna play __*one of the recent three*__. Which is so annoying even though I am enjoying the top three games a lot.


I thoroughly enjoy playing Stardew Valley when I want to relax or play a farming/romance game ^w^ I like most of the romancables of Stardew Valley (I really like Elliot, Sebastian, Penny and Leah). Its a fun game. It's kind of like an in depth Minecraft (Farming, Survival, Mining, Gardening) with more of a story with romance and character customization in the beginning.

*On a serious note*
My therapist recently told me that I've been more introverted, hiding away in my thoughts and games. Which I mean...isnt wrong but I hate the outside world...People always end up hurting me, end up alone in solitude any way...:/ The world has been harsh.

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