My Plan for Streaming

So I have yet to stream. That is mainly because I'm going on a trip near the end of October and it'd be silly to start up my streams then leave for like a week. So, I am planning to stream near the beginning of November.

I have yet to decide a specific time but I have many games planned to be played! For example, Battlefield 1, Overwatch, SWTOR, My Mass Effect 3 Insanity Play-through and more! I was also planing to do like a lvling playthrough on WoW but still debating on that because I mainly play for fun (except my main monks and druids, though I have been lacking on playing). I have yet to ask my friends if they'd like to be in the streams. I think I will start off on my own then ask them. I'd hate to make them feel uncomfortable.

I currently dont have a working webcam. My laptop is my PC but the webcam doesn't work properly. I'm hoping this Christmas to either get a webcam or have enough money for one. I don't have a professional mic but the one on my headset works really well. I again hope to get one during the holidays.
The schedule and staying consistent with streams will be a little tough for me because I like sleeping in and when I set alarms to wake me, I turn them fully off then go back to bed. But I really want this to work so I'm going to do my very best to be on time. I think for scheduling I'll do most days except the weekends or some variant.


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