.:Vent Post:.

I've  been stressing about college. I haven't posted it here but I recently got accepted into college that's close by to my home. Ever since I've gotten accepted I haven't been able to draw or write anything I am happy/satisfied with. I think I am severely internally stressing out over this when I shouldn't. But the fact that I am fearing critiques/criticisms of my artwork makes me feel so stressed that I am unable to draw. My mom and therapist believe it's artists block but I don't feel that way. I feel like the weight of college is overwhelming for me. I understand a part of me wanted this but now most of me is regretting this. And now if I am unable to stay, whether it be because anxiety or whatever, my mom might be disappointed in me...Which makes me feel like I am being forced to go because I hate that word. "Disappointed". It's such a harsh and hurtful word like "Hate". I am giving at go and willing to try it but honestly I don't know if will work out. Though that means going back to probably retail jobs or something else....Ugh...Life suck right now...

Time to play games and be a real loner....

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