Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 - PS3/X360 - E3 Trailer

I love playing videogames. I'm hoping to get my videogame, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, which I'm looking forward to. Sadly I dont know when it comes out. If anyone knows the exact date it comes out in Gamestop, Please tell me. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 has the Naruto Shippuden older characters and not the younger Naruto and friends like in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1. I also like Okami (PS2), Animal Crossing City Folk (Wii), LittleBig Planet (PS3), Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii), Nintendogs (DS), and a whole bunch of other games. I own 2 PS3's (one is mine and other is family), a DS, a Wii, a Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, and a Gamecube.


Fall is here (or so it seems like) :P

Autumn/Fall is technically here. I'm freezing indoors and outdoors (but I'm a little warmer indoors, so i am indoors). I like fall because the trees look pretty and its not so hot and it also mean Halloween and Christmas is coming but i dont like the fact that it's freezing. I literally freeze my butt off whenever i am outside. Seriously though, I love Fall (even though my birthday is in the Spring). You can play in the leaves, drink hot cocoa (I know you can drink it anytime but it seems much nicer in the Fall), Paint pictures of the trees (etc.). Fall also means school has started [sadly :-( ]


Nissan Sentra 2010 = Awesomeness

I'm not old enough to drive but I am looking at cars that I might like and the Nissan Sentra 2010 is a car that I really like. I like it in red. It has a CD player, Radio, Ipod Attachment, and it has a really, REALLY great price. I dont have a job or enough money yet (I'm not even if Drivers Ed yet) but I might buy it or beg to my Mom to get it when I'm able to drive. My friend has a red Nissan Sentra and I was in it today and it was wicked awesome and wicked nice car (that's how i learned about the car :P)



Donghae from Super Junior (SuJu for short) is, who i think, the cutest from this Korean Boy Band (next to Kyuhyun and Yesung). He's just so.. so.. ADORABLE :D



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