She is sweet
She is kind
She is caring
I wish she were mine

She stole my heart
I'll let her keep it
I really like her
She's a perfect fit

I'm all hers
She's the best thing ever
If i could hold her in my arms i wouldn't let go
Not once, Never

She's smart
She's cute
She's beautiful
And smells like fruit

To protect her
I'd die
And because she cant be mine
I cry

Her beautiful blond hair
Her eyes that shine just right in the sun
She is so nice
And so much fun (to be with)

She makes me so happy
Maybe even euphoric
Never sad
But maybe lovesick

If She were mine I'd treat her better
Better than any guy (and yea i'm a girl)
I would give her all my love
And never lie

Her smile makes me smile
Her personality is perfect
She is one of a kind
She deserves love and respect

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