Otaku Bedroom Dream

(the first three photos are NOT mine)

(<--- This photo would be my dream desk)

I'm, as most of you know, an somewhat anime/japan fanatic. I want my everything in my room to be related in on way or another to anime or japan. I am an Otaku (Otaku: a Japanese term used to refer people with obsessive interest, particularly anime, manga, and/or videogames)
I want to be able to get more anime/manga/videogame/japan related things (ex: posters, plushes, books, movies, figures, hats, bags, games, etc.) But i need to find a way to get more money OR WAIT! I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING!!! MAKE A CHRISTMAS/ WISHLIST!!! Yeah i'm 17 and i still make lists for like Christmas and my birthday, that's only because my family doesn't know what they should get me so that's why I make lists. ;P 
Here are some things I've painted MYSELF on my bedroom wall (Scroll Down):

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