They Don't Miss Me But I Miss Them

I don't think they miss me...They probably don't even notice that I'm gone. I've been having a reoccurring day/night dream recently. The dream starts of with me arriving at home. When I open the door to my house I am surprised by the Compass kids and teachers that I was close to because they decided to throw me a "We Miss You" Party...But that's when things turn sour..Instead of being filled with happiness, I am filled with anger. I run off to the path [there is a path that connects my neighborhood to Michaels, Fresh City, etc.] I sit on a rock and watch the scenery, while my eyes start to tear up. Then Chr...I of the kids find me.
"Why did you run off?" They'd ask as they approach me.
"Because," I'd say, "You all are lying. This whole party is just a big lie."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, if you guys honestly missed me you would throw a party sooner rather than November! You guys probably went about your days normally without me."
"Michelle, we do miss you."
"Bull****.. YOU DONT MISS ME. NO ONE DOES. NO ONE EMAILs, TXTS, FB MESSAGES, TALKS OR EVEN SAYS HI TO ME! YOU ARE LIKE THE ONLY ONE TO NOTICE!! I HATE THIS, I HONESTLY DO!! I DONT BOTHER WITH GOING TO SCHOOL ANY MORE BECAUSE NO EVER NOTICED ME WHEN I WAS THERE...the worst part is that i am literally surrounded by people I know and know me back...but they don't bother to say anything so I feel more alone than ever....."
{That's the end/all that i can remember}

But it is true. They don't miss me. They dont bother to send anything or even say hi....

I miss them though...I miss them very much....but i dont know how to regain the relationship i'd once had with them..............

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