Prayers Go Out to Boston Marathon fans and runners

My heart is in so much pain after the recent tragedy in Boston, MA. My prayers will be going out to all Boston Marathon fans and runners. My prayers also go out to every place in the world. And I pray that nothing like this will happen again. That it will never happen on a once-happy day with the sun shining. It's scary to think that the bombing was so close to where i live (in a sense). I wonder who would do such a horrendous act of violence and terror. And I really wonder Why the hell someone would do something like this... May the deceased rest peacefully, may the injured heal well, and may all the families of the world come together to help one another try to cope as much as they can with the situation. Cause we all must help one another to heal our hearts the most we can, thought we cannot truly heal them from such a tragedy.

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