A Certain Scientific Railgun

I just started this anime series but i love it.


(first episode screenshot)


The different looks of Saori Makishima (from Oreimo)

 With Glasses
without glasses

different wardrobe


Who am I?

I am a tree that stays in one place, but I am also the sun that which shines brightly through the clouds and keep you warm. I am also a rainbow that will fade in and out but be bold and colorful when I am there. I am also that rock that you kick on the road when you're upset, trying to make you feel better. I am that one flower in your garden that is still staying strong. I am the rainy day you actually wanted because you're upset. Who am I? I am always there, trying to make you feel better. I am Me.

Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

[I screen-caped this myself, cause I thought it looked awesome]
I just finished the all the episodes on hulu (seasons 1+2) of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! It was awesome. it made me feel inspired and happy at the end. It almost made me cry...But it didn't. It still was amazing.

<--- Fon (Arcobaleno Form)
 Colonello (Arcobaleno Form) --->
Chikusa (even though I am "on the other team" i have a small crush on Chikusa)

 Takeshi Yamamoto
 Gokudera Hayato
Hibari Kyoya
(Watch out, he Death!)

 Lal Mirch (human form)

 Rest In Peace
<--Gamma |  Yuni  -->




I swear to frikkin god.. If my renter's druggie girlfriend is eating my family's food..I won't hold back my rage against her...She's dating my (douche-y) renter, smoking her cigs (which isnt aloud), smelling like a freaking perfume isle (which bothers my family's noses), glaring at me whenever she sees me (which is rude since its my house), AND (to top it all off) they are having sex WHEN EVERYONE IS IN THE HOUSE!! LIKE OMFG GET THE F*** OUT B****. Besides the fact that she ruined my outside of school life in my elementary years, she shouldnt be trusted.


(Maybe I should take out the ol' Death Note...)

Obito - The God of Pure Evil



2013 is Insane (and life right now)

So I have decided to work on my Kanji with a book that I just bought. I have also decided to go to the classes my mom teaches when she starts. I wanna see what it's like. I am also working on drawing and writing. And having major body dysfunctions. So I am seeing my doctor about this. It really sucks though. Every day is just a different symptom for me which is so much fun. (Sarcasm). I have another thing that I am hopefully gonna do soon [I can't say because I have no clue if this certain someone is reading this post soo....]

Live is crazy right now (not to mention this Summer sucks donkey balls)

But it's only going to get crazier. Sometimes you gotta do crazy things to make life less crazy.

This summer is insane. Mom has contained cancer (meaning it wont spread) that isn't deadly, my sister is stuck on the couch after her ACL surgery, I am having different symptoms every day, my guinea pig died, my fish died, Cory Monteith passed away, the Youtuber Talia passed away (all rest in peace), my mind is being a pain and the only way is to pretty much set myself up for rejection....2013... So insane, half way through.


What kind of girl am I?






Male Friendship in a Yaoi (Boys Love) Series Screenshot

When I saw this, I literally started laughing my ass off because it was just ironic. It's a male friendship (like the only male friendship) in a yaoi (boys love) anime series. The anime series in Junjou Romantica.

It's so freaking adorable, it makes me blush too. :3 But note this series is rated MA (for Mature).

Shiina Mashiro!

I freaking love Shiina Mashiro (from The Pet Girl of Sakurasou). She likes knifes and she feels like that the way she is holding the knife is naturally. The funny part is that it's a romantic comedy anime series. I thought is was awesome. Shinna is so into her art (painting and drawing) that she's almost gone from reality. She can't live without someone to help her.

Selena Gomez is One Sexy and Cute Girl

Selena Gomez has been showing her sexier, more mature side in her music videos and acting. I happened to like it...Make that love <3.  Not just cause it's super sexy but because I've always loved the different looks and her. She is cute and has a sexier side to her? Like whoa. So awesome. Remember she is 20.

Check out her new song=

Slow Down [Official Music Video]
--->    <---

[Selena Gomez is Beauty]



She walks through the world,
Bearing her damaged soul.
Her heart shattered.
Her skin tears with the slightest touch.
Covered in the emotional scars and wound that life gave her.
Thoughts of fear and sadness taints her blood with darkness.
Her eyes flow at the slightest thought of pain.
She is scared of trust.
Scared of change.
Scared of life.
She feels lost.
She feels alone
but she knows the fact she is still standing means that she is STRONG.
The free verse poem and drawing is both by me.


Lost in the Fog of Uncertainty

(^Makise Kurisu - Steins;Gate^)
I think everyone has been/will have this kind of moment at least once. The moment when life hasn't thrown anything bad/good at you and you stuck in a rut. You're wondering "What do I do know?"
You try doing some of you favorite hobbies or hang with friends/family/etc to distract yourself from the boredom and loneliness that life is giving you. But you still know, whether it's consciously or unconsciously, that you are lost in the fog of uncertainty. You don't know how long you'll be there or if it will ever go away.
Probably asking yourself something like "why isn't life throwing anything at me?" or "when will this end?".

I know that I am their right now (probably again). I finished high school. Don't have a job. Not going to college right now. Friends are off to college or something. Feeling alone. I might sound insane but I miss High School. High School was where I would see and talk to friends/people I knew. (In a sense) Hang out with them. High School was the only place I saw them. And now that it's gone...I feel lonely. I miss them all. Friends, Acquaintances, so called "enemies"...All of the above. Though, Yea i miss some more than others, i still miss them all (in a friendly way). Sometimes when I am walking around the mall or shopping areas, I have a piece of me that hopes I'll see someone...But it never really happens. And yet that little piece of hope is ALWAYS there when I go out somewhere.

To anyone who knows me in real life:
I miss you (in a friendly way).


Random Chef Dude and Four NTIL (New Things in [my] Life)

This is a random chef dude I drew. Kind of a free time drawing while taking a break from my Collage Project.

Four new things in life!

#1: I am getting a new computer, laptop to be specific. . She (yes, the new laptop is a she) is sexy, sleek, and beautiful. I am naming her Kiyomi which means "Pure Beauty" in Japanese. I paid for some of it. My mom paid for the rest of it. Totally worth every cent

#2 I've gonna far on my collage but i have a long way to go. I have gotten 1 request so far. The request is Mizore from Rosario Vampire.

#3 A new song by Krewella is released. It is called Live for the Night. It's soooo sick! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE KREWELLA!! KREW LIFE BITCHES!!

#4 I put all my moneyy needed on to Saints Row IV. SO EXCITED!!!



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