My mind right now..

Life, i believe, is the scariest thing in the universe. It's just as scary as death. It's filled with so many emotions. So much pain. So much hate. It's beyond comprehension. But that's not why I'm writing this post...Well not exactly.


My heart is literally torn in two. A part of it wants to tell the girl I love that I, well, love her. The other part, though, doesn't want to because I will hurt. It hurts so much right now that i haven't said a single word to her.
I just tell her to see if the feelings stop. Cause I'm pretty sure she is straight. I feel like if she broke my heart, it would stop these feelings. I don't know for sure but that's what I am hoping.
I always look out at the clouds or the stars or just the sky and hope she is looking too...She obviously not thinking of me.

I can't stop thinking...2 years...non-stop thinking...pain...hurt...


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