My sister is a total b*tch.. (Younger Sister Rant)

I hate my sister.
I mean it.

My sister is hogging the downstairs, by watching TV non-stop for the entire f***ing summer. And she yells at me constantly for absolute no reason. She yells even more when I go downstairs to get food downstairs. Its really annoying cause she sleeps downstairs. She says its because there is a spider in her room but I think it's because she wants the Big Screen all to herself. She is Obsessively Addicted to TV. I'm not kidding. We bought wireless headphones so now she wears them, so the TV noise doesn't annoy people downstairs but it does. It's still f***ing annoying. I ask if she would like to go on a walk with me and she said no because she "didn't feel like it" but note she was watching TV. So I took my dog with me. AND she tried to bribe me to walk the dog because she didn't want to walk the dog in the morning but I said no. I did accept 1 of her recent bribe's because I didn't know what to have for dinner.

When she yells at me, it's honestly about nothing to do with what was going on. She was half-asleep lecturing me about messing up the coffee machine. The coffee machine had coffee grounds in the thing and it made the coffee spill onto the hotplate. I didn't know there was coffee grounds, so its not my fault. She loves making everything someone's fault. She loves to call things she finds annoying or things she hates 'stupid'. And when she doesn't understand something, she says she doesn't believe in it, like she doesn't believe in bisexuality. Its obnoxious because the things aren't really stupid. She is because she is losing brain cells by staring endlessly at the TV screen.

Nothing fazes her when she is staring at the TV. I'd hit that I don't want the TV and she doesn't even notice...Honestly they are big hints.

She also loves holding grudges against my mom or me...Mostly me. And the grudges aren't worth it. The grudges are against things like I don't say sorry or stupid long time ago past events.

AND whenever I say sorry, she doesn't accept it or find an excuse why she shouldn't accept it. She'd be like "It was in a different voice" or "She didn't mean it".

She apologizes thousands upon thousands of time for yelling about nothing. I really shouldn't accept her apologies. Like... when you apologize, you try not to do the same mistake again. But she does it, Every.F***ing. Day. Like honestly she'll yell every night to my mom or me, for past things that don't matter or nothing at all.

She doesn't listen to the rules. Like recently she just invites a bunch of friends over and my mom finds out after she asks her friends. She said it like "I invited a couple friends over". She probably told her friends my mom said yes, which she did not. And she says she doesn't ask because i don't, which is total bullshit! I WAS TAUGHT THAT I HAVE TO ASK MY MOTHER BEFORE THE FRIENDS, SO I DID! I NEVER EVER ASKED MY  FRIEND THEN JUST LET MY MOM KNOW THAT MY FRIEND IS COMING OVER! NEVER BECAUSE IM NOT A TOTAL DIPSHIT!

She'd yell her brains out if you take the TV away from her. You are dead to her if you take the privilege of TV away. SHE HAS NO SENSE OF TONE (OF VOICE)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She also acts like a mother to me, says about how my depression (and depression in general) isn't real, says that i can't do anything right, and probably other mean things. She is my house's/family's bully. Once I'm out of school that was full of b*tches and d*cks, I'm home with a b*tchy bulling sister...Hooray -.-

F*** My Life

I lived with my mom since i was 7 months and we got "it" when "it" was 5 yrs old. I was taught and listened all the rules my mom gave me. "it" on the other hand never listened to the rules. "it" also has very severe anger management. And "its" anger is scary.

I've been feeling a bit rant-y recently so don't hate. It's like one of those weeks that you just need to rant about.

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