My mom just realized that my sister doesn't give a damn about us (me and my mom) [Sister Rant #3]

 My mom is just realizing how much my sister doesn't care about us. She does, watches, eats, thinks whatever she wants. And all her battles are one-sided (battles = verbal fights). She used my special ramen bowl that I got as a gift. AND the other night she was watching TV very loudly. It was also dinner time. I didn't feel like watching TV. So here are the options I had.
A. I could ask her to turn off the TV | Get yelled at for asking to turn it off   OR   B. Sit in the other room and eat dinner alone | Have her bitch to my mom about me breaking the rules (I don't break the rules because I want to unlike her)
I went with B because I didn't feel like getting yelled at before dinner.
What surprises me is that my mom is just realizing this. I realized this a while ago. My friends realized this a while ago also even though I rarely see this friend and have her over at my house. It's like i knew it for a long time. I've trying to tell my mom that but i think she never wanted to accept it. She's finally come to realize that.

She has a therapist. The therapist is supposed to help. Honestly, she hasn't done a damn thing. If anything, the therapist has made things worse. And by worse, I mean the more my sister sees the therapist, the more she thinks she can do whatever she wants. She'll say "My therapist said it was okay." while doing something she isn't suppose to do.
 She uses everything that is mine, knowing it is mine, then saying "oh i forgot." She has worn my clothes (shirts, pants, bras, underwear). She has used my personal dishes/cups. She uses my pens/paper.
She also uses the front door, without locking it, instead of the garage. There is a sign on the door that says use the garage. She won't clean her room. She sleeps in the living room. Yells at me for getting food late at night. She doesn't plan things. She just calls my mom and is like "Oh by the way, I'm staying over at ___ house." or "Oh I'm stay out with friends". She always say that we don't include her. She never includes us. We try to include her but she doesn't want to be involved or she's busy with TV or she isn't home to be involved.
[Me steping on the f***s I used to give]

Honestly I'm done being nice to her. Done dealing with the fights. I won't fight (verbally) with her because it's pointless so I will think through the options of actions then do the one where I get least yelled at. I am done giving a f*** about this and her.

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