This coming Saturday (11/2) and Sunday (11/3)

This coming Saturday is my grandmother's church's annual fair event. I am so EXCITED!! I usually don't get excited for fair things but this one always has cool things. There is one part that I love. People, I'm not sure when it starts, brings there own stuff in that they don't want. I always find things that I want. I found a WORKING Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with a Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt and Spelunker with two regular controllers, a giant controller and the duck hunt gun. I also found a mini gaming chair that works. Plus cute trinkets of sorts. You might call me some-what of a horder. IM NOT AS BAD AS BEFORE!! >-< I'm hoping to find something, at least, almost amazing as the NES.

And on Sunday, it is my anniversary. Not a wedding/dating/etc anniversary. It is the anniversary of when I arrived into America ^-^ Some of you (probably all of you) don't know this but I am adopted. I was born in India and brought into America to my amazing mother. I think, because I have a horrible memory, I was brought here months after I was born (April 1st, 1995). I wasn't even a year old and I already had my first plane ride. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful mother who has always been there for me even thought sometimes it doesn't seem like she is. I have to be there for her now as she begins her chemo to keep her cancer away. I love My Mommy! <3

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