After the Destruction of the Citadel...

So I am writing a story about after [My] FemShep destroys the Citadel. [My] FemShep has destroyed the Citadel, with all possible help from the galaxy. She is in a relationship with Liara T'Soni.
I'll post it on my art sight once I feel like its ready. There might be more than chapters to this.

The Galaxy defeated the reapers, with much help from Commander Shepard.
They thought that the hope, formed as Commander Shepard, was destroyed along with the Reapers.
What they didn't know...
Was that Hope Still Lives On...

[Pt.1] | [Pt.2] | [Pt.3] | [Pt.4] | [Pt.5] | [Pt.6] | [Pt.7] | [Pt.8] | [Pt.9] | [Pt.10] | [Pt.11] | [Pt.12] | [Pt.13] | [Pt.14] |

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