Playing Mass Effect 3 (with Imports from 1 and 2)

So playing it for the first time with imports from the first game to the second and the second to the third.
 And its like the 5th time, just as amazing, playing Mass Effect 3. I am FemShep.
I have the Omega DLC so I get a (passionate) kiss from the Queen of Omega
I saved Wrex and the council. Survived the Suicide Mission with Team Alive (Thanks to the help of wiki pages)
(<---Fan art) And Liara has been my love interest with and without the imports, though I really wish I could romance Ashley. I know there is a connection there between them but you can't make it stronger T-T

I still love LiLi though..I call her LiLi. MY LILI~~ (pronounced Lee-Lee)

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