My thoughts about College in General (and other stuff)

2-4 Years (or more) of Education some point after earning a High School Diploma.

My thoughts about college are rarely agreed with, though when someone does agree it's nice cause then they understand. When they don't agree then they think I am an insane person who doesn't have a life.
Here are the thoughts:

  • It's a option that YOU decide. Not someone else. Not a Parent/Guardian/Family Member/Friend. No one decides when YOU go to college except you (and also depending on money)
  • College isn't for everyone. Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Zac Efron, Cameron Diaz, Tyra Banks, even Ryan Reynolds did not earn their College Diplomas.
    Though it may be tough, You can be an actor, singer, a writer even. An artist. You can also go for the less fun jobs such as a fast food worker, grocery employee, or some kind of worker that doesn't need a college diploma/degree.
  • You can go almost at any age you want after high school. You can be 18 or you could be 65. Doesn't matter what age. And that gives you time to get the money if you don't have it cause college is expensive.
  • You are, i think, allowed to go to college without a defined major/minor at first. I am not positive but I am pretty sure it's true.
I have not gone to college yet. I plan to though. But that doesn't matter to my sister or my aunt and uncle.
They are quite cruel when they judge. To them I am:

The Weird Loser Girl who is a Failure because I don't go to college and I should get a 'schedule' so I am not so tired. I never get a say in anything. I am a nobody. I am a failure who doesn't have a life.
That is what I am to them.
That is what I will be until I am a milliionare with an amazing job that is "normal" and I have a straight life style.
Which will never EVER happen.
So I am forever a Nobody

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