Long Time, No See Blogger

So I haven't used blogger in like 2 years but I thoroughly enjoy my blog :3 I'm going to try and start to use it more often but I do apologize if I dont.
Let's see what's happened in the past two years....
  • I have had two jobs
  • Gained many new games to my library, I enjoy most of them
  • Won a contest with Pokemon (which was awesome)
  • Made some new friends
  • Spent about 1-2 weeks getting a Gnome Monk to lvl 110 on World of Warcraft (that was recently considering Legion just came out)
  • Went through all the main stories on the Empire side of the SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic)
  • Sketched and Wrote some in the past two years (Check out my Deviantart for more!: )
  • Finished games such as: The Witcher 3, NSUNS 4, Sleeping Dogs, Stardew Valley, A couple more playthroughs of the Mass Effect Trilogy and Dragon Age Trilogy, Black Ops 3 Campaign (enjoyed it oddly enough), Starbound
  • Currently playing/through: Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition,  The Witcher 3 New Game+, Jedi Stories of SWTOR, Saints Row the Third DLC, Overwatch Competitive, Bioshock Trilogy, Akiba's Trip, Virtue's Last Reward, Persona 4, AoT Vita Game, probably more games than that ^w^
  • Been somewhat out of the manga/anime scene but I want to get back into it. Sadly Hulu decided to be a pay only service so I've switched to Yahoo View for anime. I also read mangas on Mangahere
  • Bought like 12 books that I've barely touched lol\

Probably more stuff has happened but I just cant remember.... ANYWHO, I keep more up to date on other applications: 

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