Mass Effect 3 Insanity Playthrough (Long Post)

I am now working on my Mass Effect 3 Insanity Play-through. I'm a bit nervous about doing it because the enemies hit hard, almost depleting my shield and health entirely. For Mass Effect 3 Insanity, there are many differences from Casual (which I normally play on) and Insanity .

Insanity: This difficulty level is intended for players seeking the ultimate challenge. Enemies are tenacious, react quickly, have heavily upgraded weapons, and use their powers mercilessly.

I am a Vanguard, which means I have biotic capabilities but I am not as easily taken down as a Biotic Adept. My armor is a mix of Kassa Fabrication and N7 Armor to keep my health and shields up along with a Sentry Interface for a helmet to increase my shield strength by 10%. And my extra ability that I chose (well re-chose) is Energy Drain (Re-chose it because I read up that it's good for taking/stealing shields from enemies. (Sadly with the weapons I use, it decreases how often I can use powers. I might take the Shotgun on and off, depending on the mission) Something that does bug me is that if you use more than one or all your medi-gel and then you open a medi-gel box, you only get one, obviously it makes sense but it bugs me because you have to be super tactical with how you use it. I also read up that James is a Tank so its good to have him on the mission...If only I had Urdnot Wrex or Grunt on my team..then we would wreck shit up lol

My main weapons are the

N7 Crusader (Mods - Spare Thermal Clip, High Caliber Barrel)

Black Widow (Mods - Spare Thermal Clip, Extended Barrel)

M-7 Lancer (Mods - Extended Barrel, Stability Damper, Note about the gun is that it has unlimited ammo but limited ammo capacity. if that makes sense)

I've read up on things that might make is easier to get through Insanity. Having a level 60 character, with numerous Level 10 weapons and Level 5 attachments right off the bat, will help A LOT. Ammo powers being the best thing to have on your gun. On self - Ammo and Extended Barrel on all your guns. The more ammo you have is important, so is the damage you deal. On squad - Scopes and Extended Barrels on all their guns. Your squad have infinite ammo. By giving them a scope, they will be more accurate, as well as dealing more damage. I also read that Energy Drain is good to have.

There are enemies which I am nervous about fighting and enemies I know I can fight. I know I can easily fight regular Cerberus Operatives (Assault Trooper, Centurion, Engineer, Guardian, maybe even a Nemesis.) but for the other troops they deploy (Phantom, Dragoon, Atlas, and Adjutant <- Only in Omega DLC -> Rampart Mechs) are much harder to fight. Phantoms, Dragoons, and Rampart Mechs are up close fighters that can take a hit or seven. Atlases are strong heavy mechs which take a lot of hits and grenades. Adjutants are heavy hitters with similar health bars to Banshees.

Then you have reaper forces (Husk, Cannibal, Marauder, Brute, Banshee, Harvester, and Ravager). Husks, Cannibals and Marauders are easily killed from cover (luckily I have the shotgun for up close attacks by Husks). Brutes usually are easily to dodge but since their name is literally "Brute", they can take a fuck ton of damage which will make fighting fun. Banshees...UGH I hate bashees so much. They have a barrier before their actual health bar and if they get close then you will insta-die which sucks, you have to make sure to have bearing on your surroundings. Harvesters aren't a big deal until Thessia when you have to kill like 2-3 Harvesters while avoiding being shot by Marauders and melee'd by husks. I've actually died to them on Causal difficulty. The thought of that part on insanity..just..sigh...And lastly Ravagers, they can be a pain when you shoot them and they pop little swarmers that eat away at your shields and health.

THEN you have 4 DLCs (From Ashes, Omega, Citadel, & Leviathan). I've read up on other people's thoughts on which is easiest and which is hardest. According to the website I was on (think it was a Game Forum) they said From Ashes was easiest and Citadel was hardest. From Ashes mainly has Cerberus enemies while Citadel has you fighting mercs let's just say someone powerful and could possibly easily match Commander Shepard. I can understand how the Citadel DLC would be hardest. *SPOILERS AHEAD, DONT CONTINUE READING IF YOU HAVENT PLAYED*

After crashing through the fish tank, you are left with a suppressed pistol, a shield, and one health bar left with no medi-gel because Brooks used all of it -.- . You have to stealthily shoot the mercs as you make your way through to Cision Motors, a skycar lot. Once you are down there it does become a bit of a firefight with some cover though not the best. After that and after Khan's Charity event, you are in the archives. There isnt good cover here either. Then after that, you fight a powerful enemy that can take as much damage as a damn atlas mech. I have difficutly fighting said enemy on Casual Difficulty...

There are two DLCs that I believe I will run into with a lot of deaths. Omega and Leviathan.

Omega DLC has time/ally health sensitive missions which is hard for me. I'm horrible under pressure. I fear those missions will be played through several times. Also with the Omega DLC is that there are points in which you are fighting many powerful enemies with no allies what-so-ever because Aria "wants you all to herself," which is fine if I wasn't going to be playing this on Insanity.

Leviathan has horrible cover (in my opinion) and lots of Banshees and Brutes, which are ever so fun. Then you also have to escort a drone twice in the DLC which makes it hard to stay in cover when you have no shields and are dying. But besides that, I think it will be...decent.

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