My Gaming Experience Part 2

Part 2!

11. Gaming System of Choice - PC all the way but if we are going with Consoles then PS4

12. A game everyone should play - Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Of course you have to be 18+ or so)

13. A game you've played more than 5 times - Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect Trilogy :D Bioware is love, Bioware is life.

14. Current Gaming Wallpaper -

15. A screen shot from the game you're playing right now

16. Game with the best cut scenes - Saints Row 3, full of swearing, violence, and comedy. My favorite

17. Favorite antagonist - *SOMEWHAT SPOILERS* Commander Shepard Clone (Mass Effect 3/Citadel DLC)

18. Favorite Protagonist - Ciri or Cirilla of Witcher 3, She is a powerful, beautiful swords(wo)man who loves to fight and have fun.

19. Picture of a game setting you wished you lived in -

20. Favorite Genre - Roleplaying, Scifi, Medieval, Survival, or Zombie (Or based in Japan-area)

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