Random Thinking Aloud Post

Random Thinking Aloud Post:

So life has been a bit...not lonely but something similar. I guess isolated is a better word. I've been gaming alone recently (though playing amazing games such as the Witcher 3, Mass Effect, NSUNS 4, WoW, etc). I've been wanting to play with my best-friend but she's been wanting alone time with her bf, WHICH IS FINE, it's just lonesome after a while. I know I could go out an find more, new friends but its like....People suck, whether it's all the time or some of the time or even those rare occasioner's but they are the harshest of them all. I'd rather have my isolated time alone, playing games solo or random online people rather than making friends with people who will inevitably suck.

On another note, I've been drawing more. Haven't really posted on to Deviantart though I probably should.

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