Mass Effect World vs Reality, Which one is better?

Mass Effect World is the answer.

I'll explain why.

The Mass Effect world is similar to reality because there are gangs in reality and Mass Effect (Blue Suns, Eclipses, Blood Pack, etc.). War wages on in both worlds [In my eyes](Mass Effect a bit more of reasoning and logistics behind the war. They think through the scenarios. Both peaceful and violent.)

There are many reasons why the Mass Effect world is way better. Let's bullet point.
  • They do NOT judge marriage based on gender OR race. A human can be with an alien or an alien with an alien. No matter the gender.
  • (Thought there is some alien-racism) Most people are nice and caring, considerate of others.
  • The citadel is an amazing place. It has everything from Apartmenst and resturants to a club and C-Sec Offices (office serves as a security cordon for this section of the wards)
  • Instead of being ruled by a dictator or a president, the Mass Effect world is ruled by different alien races. Councilors, so to say. Asari, Salarian, Turian, and Human are the councilors.
There are many more, it's just that my brain keeps blanking.
There are many races in the world of Mass Effect






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