Poor Planning by My (old) High School (And I'm having a Nagato/Pain Moment of Spam)

Apparently "it's not my place to complain" but I'm going to complain anyway, cause that's what do on my blog a lot.

(Note: I have graduated from High School)
My old high school does not have sweatshirts /sweatpants/gear that has the school's emblem, made just for the sports teams. Instead the team members create them on a probably-not-safe site AND pay $50-$70 for clothing that might fit but probably wont. 

I also don't see the problem with wearing a non-team related sweatshirt (like a blank hoodie or college or something). I honestly don't.

The high school should just make some and sell if for $40 (all sizes) considering that my sister has to also pay for other things that might happen on the team.

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