My Gaming Experience Part 1

(Technically this was supposed to be a 30 Day Challenge thing but I'd rather make a 3 Part post)
1. Very First Videogame - I believe my first game was The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the Gamecube. I enjoyed the game but was too young to understand mechanics and puzzles so eventually stopped playing the game. Haven't finished to this day though I want to.

2. Favorite Videogame Character - There are so many but I have to go with my Paragon Commander (Fem)Shepard [Mass Effect]. Badass while being kind and caring. There is a whole back story to her but that's for another post. :)

3. A game that is underrated - I have to go with Yakuza: Dead Souls. I really enjoyed the game but it has like a rating of 5/10 though I would give it 9/10. I loved killing zombies while being in the Yakuza and having a storyline to it that peaked my interest. I consider it underrated.

4. Guilty Pleasure Game - Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed....Don't question it, just accept it.

5. Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were) - I'm not sure who I am most like but I wish I was more like Aria T'Loak of Mass Effect 2. She's a badass bitch who owns all of Omega, gets whatever she wants, and has 3 merc groups backing her. It's would be so cool to rule Omega with a biotic fist (plus the many extra years of living as an asari helps too)

6. Most Annoying Character - Preston Garvey of Fallout 4. No questions about it. I WILL NOT GO FIND/HELP ANOTHER SETTLEMENT!

7. Favorite Game Couple - If we are talking legitimate couple then I will have to go with FemHawke and Isabela from Dragon Age 2. Their relationship is so care-free and beautiful while they fight side by side and protect one another. But if we are talking about ships, the I will go with FemShep and Ashley (they are my OTP)

8. Best Soundtrack - Mass Effect (all of them) the soundtrack always brings me back to the missions or the event that goes along with the music. Always.

9. Saddest Game Scene -  *SPOILERS* The synthesis ending for Mass Effect 3. The ending always gets to me. When they jump into the beam to synthesize the galaxy and stop the reapers, I know its for the best but it always gives me the feels.

10. Best Game Play - Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I thoroughly enjoy Mass Effect 3 (though the planet scanning is pain) but Witcher 3 has really good gameplay, missions, side missions, quests, characters, detail in graphics. I love Geralt and the rest alot but my favorite characters are Johnny the Godling and Uma.

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