To A New Year (Somewhat of a Rambling Post)

This year....2016 was a shit year for many reasons. So many that it's mind boggling.

2017 will hopefully be a better year compared to 2016.

There are many things I need/want to do/work on.
For example

  • I haven't been streaming enough or at all since I said I would. I would like to stream more often of the games I have and games to come (such as Yakuza 0 and Horizon Zero Dawn). I bought/recieved some games over the winter/holiday time (Doom, Akiba's Trip, Shadow Of Mordor, Undertale, Reign and Wind Waker for Wii U). So I would like to stream those along with some Overwatch and Mass Effect (Trilogy or 3) though I still have to set them up in OBS and edit the steam labs thing that show's up if  I gain new followers.
  • I want to be come a better streamer so I can do donation streams for Cancer Research and such. My mom has gotten cancer three times to I would mean alot to me do that but I dont know if I am able to do that if I'm such a lowbie stream hence I wanna become bigger.
  • I want to lose the weight I have gained over winter. It's not a lot but its enough for me to notice so I want to work out and eat more things in moderation and such.
  • As much as I dont want a job, I am going to try and find a normal job(rather than seasonal). I need it to help pay bills and groceries and such things.
  • I wanna play more of my Insanity play-through of Mass Effect 3 though I keep avoiding it for unknown reasons. I also been wanting to create another Mass Effect 1 character but I wanna finish my insanity play-through first.
  • I want to finish my Alola-dex on Pokemon Moon then play-through Pokemon sun
  • I want to work on my anatomy and facial expressions on my drawings along with poses.
  • I want to read the books I own/Read more in general.
  • I need to finish the Eternal Throne along with gaining legendary status on SWTOR
  • I want to watch more anime/read more manga


Things I need to do & Winter Blues

There are so many things i need (more so want) to do.

  • Finish my (2nd/New Game+) play-through of Blood and Wine DLC of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
  • I recently bought a 5TB Hard-drive so I am able to play more games on steam so I want to play more game on steam that are Story Based (ex: Divinty Original Sin, Tales of Zestiria)
  • I want to replay through Saints Row the Third and Saints Row 4 (and though I own Gat Out of Hell, I am no inclined to play it)
  • Play-through the Bioshock Trilogy
  • Finish the Eternal Throne thing in SWTOR with my Sith Inquisitor (Oh how I miss my lightning attacks)
  • Finish the Adventure Modes on Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
  • Play more Overwatch, especially when the Christmas Event is out. (same goes for Heroes of the Storm)
  • Finish Pokemon Moon (and finish the Pokedex)
  • Start Play-through Pokemon Sun
  • Finish Mass Effect 3 Insanity
  • Play more Watch Dogs 2
  • Pay more Assassin's Creed Syndicate (I mean I have the gold edition, I should play it more)
  • Draw more! I've been lacking on drawing because I've been mad at most of my recent drawings
  • I actually bought like 6 PS3 Games for a good price and want to stream those for fun. Some I've played a long while ago, others I've never played.
  • Clean my room (its a bit of a mess)
  • Play more games on the Wii U, I mainly use it to watch Netflix .___.


Winter always affects me. It makes me feel more depressed. I become a hermit of sorts. Keeping to myself, don't bother going outside, not talking to friends. I try and push myself out of it but it doesnt seem to work usually. 



I've quit my job due to my severe stress issues. I've been feeling very angry internally for some reason. Maybe its aimed towards myself, who knows. I've been wanting to play renegade Commander Shepard or a Sith/Dark-Side Jedi on SWTOR. I've also portraying myself as a renegade/evil person in my personal stories.....

I have a problem...
Don't worry tho, its mainly internal anger

Videogames help with it.

I do apologize tho for not streaming at all. I've been feeling unsure what to play and not feeling like streaming because of my emotional issues currently....


My Plan for Streaming

So I have yet to stream. That is mainly because I'm going on a trip near the end of October and it'd be silly to start up my streams then leave for like a week. So, I am planning to stream near the beginning of November.

I have yet to decide a specific time but I have many games planned to be played! For example, Battlefield 1, Overwatch, SWTOR, My Mass Effect 3 Insanity Play-through and more! I was also planing to do like a lvling playthrough on WoW but still debating on that because I mainly play for fun (except my main monks and druids, though I have been lacking on playing). I have yet to ask my friends if they'd like to be in the streams. I think I will start off on my own then ask them. I'd hate to make them feel uncomfortable.

I currently dont have a working webcam. My laptop is my PC but the webcam doesn't work properly. I'm hoping this Christmas to either get a webcam or have enough money for one. I don't have a professional mic but the one on my headset works really well. I again hope to get one during the holidays.
The schedule and staying consistent with streams will be a little tough for me because I like sleeping in and when I set alarms to wake me, I turn them fully off then go back to bed. But I really want this to work so I'm going to do my very best to be on time. I think for scheduling I'll do most days except the weekends or some variant.


[I.M.O] Beautiful Women in Videogames (Based on Games I've played

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon 
Yennefer of Vengerberg 
Triss Merigold 
Keira Metz 
Philipa Eilhart 
Sylvia Anna
Anna Henrietta
Vivienne de Tabris ( I think she is beautiful in her cursed bird form)
Cerys an Craite

Commander Jane Shepard (the regular model)
Lt. Commander Ashley Williams
Dr. Liara T'Soni
Subject Zero/Jack
Miranda Lawson
Tali'Zorah nar Rayya
Aria T'Loak
Kasumi Goto
Dr. Karin Chakwas
Maya Brooks
Samantha Traynor

Saints Row the Third
Kinzie Kensington
Viola and Kiki DeWynter

(All the women)

Fallout 4
Piper Wright

Dragon Age Trilogy
Fem!Hawke (Preset)
Bethany Hawke
Cassandra Pentaghast
Josephine Montilyet
Lace Harding

Dota 2
Legion Commander
Drow Ranger
Templar Assassin
Phantom Assassin
Crystal Maiden
Queen of Pain
Death Prophet
Borderlands Series - Athena, Maya, Lilith
World of Warcraft - Sylvanas, Jaina Proudmoore (though she is a bit of a bitch)
The Legend of Zelda - Princess Zelda
Stardew Valley - Leah, Penny
Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Evie Frye
Super Mario Galaxy - Rosalina


I've played so many other games but I can't think of the lovely ladies of the game or they don't really have any.


Thinking Aloud Post 2.0

I've been wanting to play so many games but I've mainly been Witcher 3 (New Game+) and Mass Effect 3 (Insanity Play-through) and recently been playing Stardew Valley (All great games) [List of Games I'm Currently Playing-through]

I've been really wanting to play Saints Row 3. I love that game so much. The crude humor and violence. The gang members (Shaundi & Kenzie). But everytime I open the game, my mind is like "Nope, you don't wanna play that game. You wanna play __*one of the recent three*__. Which is so annoying even though I am enjoying the top three games a lot.


I thoroughly enjoy playing Stardew Valley when I want to relax or play a farming/romance game ^w^ I like most of the romancables of Stardew Valley (I really like Elliot, Sebastian, Penny and Leah). Its a fun game. It's kind of like an in depth Minecraft (Farming, Survival, Mining, Gardening) with more of a story with romance and character customization in the beginning.

*On a serious note*
My therapist recently told me that I've been more introverted, hiding away in my thoughts and games. Which I mean...isnt wrong but I hate the outside world...People always end up hurting me, end up alone in solitude any way...:/ The world has been harsh.


Mass Effect 3 Insanity Playthrough (Long Post)

I am now working on my Mass Effect 3 Insanity Play-through. I'm a bit nervous about doing it because the enemies hit hard, almost depleting my shield and health entirely. For Mass Effect 3 Insanity, there are many differences from Casual (which I normally play on) and Insanity .

Insanity: This difficulty level is intended for players seeking the ultimate challenge. Enemies are tenacious, react quickly, have heavily upgraded weapons, and use their powers mercilessly.

I am a Vanguard, which means I have biotic capabilities but I am not as easily taken down as a Biotic Adept. My armor is a mix of Kassa Fabrication and N7 Armor to keep my health and shields up along with a Sentry Interface for a helmet to increase my shield strength by 10%. And my extra ability that I chose (well re-chose) is Energy Drain (Re-chose it because I read up that it's good for taking/stealing shields from enemies. (Sadly with the weapons I use, it decreases how often I can use powers. I might take the Shotgun on and off, depending on the mission) Something that does bug me is that if you use more than one or all your medi-gel and then you open a medi-gel box, you only get one, obviously it makes sense but it bugs me because you have to be super tactical with how you use it. I also read up that James is a Tank so its good to have him on the mission...If only I had Urdnot Wrex or Grunt on my team..then we would wreck shit up lol

My main weapons are the

N7 Crusader (Mods - Spare Thermal Clip, High Caliber Barrel)

Black Widow (Mods - Spare Thermal Clip, Extended Barrel)

M-7 Lancer (Mods - Extended Barrel, Stability Damper, Note about the gun is that it has unlimited ammo but limited ammo capacity. if that makes sense)

I've read up on things that might make is easier to get through Insanity. Having a level 60 character, with numerous Level 10 weapons and Level 5 attachments right off the bat, will help A LOT. Ammo powers being the best thing to have on your gun. On self - Ammo and Extended Barrel on all your guns. The more ammo you have is important, so is the damage you deal. On squad - Scopes and Extended Barrels on all their guns. Your squad have infinite ammo. By giving them a scope, they will be more accurate, as well as dealing more damage. I also read that Energy Drain is good to have.

There are enemies which I am nervous about fighting and enemies I know I can fight. I know I can easily fight regular Cerberus Operatives (Assault Trooper, Centurion, Engineer, Guardian, maybe even a Nemesis.) but for the other troops they deploy (Phantom, Dragoon, Atlas, and Adjutant <- Only in Omega DLC -> Rampart Mechs) are much harder to fight. Phantoms, Dragoons, and Rampart Mechs are up close fighters that can take a hit or seven. Atlases are strong heavy mechs which take a lot of hits and grenades. Adjutants are heavy hitters with similar health bars to Banshees.

Then you have reaper forces (Husk, Cannibal, Marauder, Brute, Banshee, Harvester, and Ravager). Husks, Cannibals and Marauders are easily killed from cover (luckily I have the shotgun for up close attacks by Husks). Brutes usually are easily to dodge but since their name is literally "Brute", they can take a fuck ton of damage which will make fighting fun. Banshees...UGH I hate bashees so much. They have a barrier before their actual health bar and if they get close then you will insta-die which sucks, you have to make sure to have bearing on your surroundings. Harvesters aren't a big deal until Thessia when you have to kill like 2-3 Harvesters while avoiding being shot by Marauders and melee'd by husks. I've actually died to them on Causal difficulty. The thought of that part on insanity..just..sigh...And lastly Ravagers, they can be a pain when you shoot them and they pop little swarmers that eat away at your shields and health.

THEN you have 4 DLCs (From Ashes, Omega, Citadel, & Leviathan). I've read up on other people's thoughts on which is easiest and which is hardest. According to the website I was on (think it was a Game Forum) they said From Ashes was easiest and Citadel was hardest. From Ashes mainly has Cerberus enemies while Citadel has you fighting mercs let's just say someone powerful and could possibly easily match Commander Shepard. I can understand how the Citadel DLC would be hardest. *SPOILERS AHEAD, DONT CONTINUE READING IF YOU HAVENT PLAYED*

After crashing through the fish tank, you are left with a suppressed pistol, a shield, and one health bar left with no medi-gel because Brooks used all of it -.- . You have to stealthily shoot the mercs as you make your way through to Cision Motors, a skycar lot. Once you are down there it does become a bit of a firefight with some cover though not the best. After that and after Khan's Charity event, you are in the archives. There isnt good cover here either. Then after that, you fight a powerful enemy that can take as much damage as a damn atlas mech. I have difficutly fighting said enemy on Casual Difficulty...

There are two DLCs that I believe I will run into with a lot of deaths. Omega and Leviathan.

Omega DLC has time/ally health sensitive missions which is hard for me. I'm horrible under pressure. I fear those missions will be played through several times. Also with the Omega DLC is that there are points in which you are fighting many powerful enemies with no allies what-so-ever because Aria "wants you all to herself," which is fine if I wasn't going to be playing this on Insanity.

Leviathan has horrible cover (in my opinion) and lots of Banshees and Brutes, which are ever so fun. Then you also have to escort a drone twice in the DLC which makes it hard to stay in cover when you have no shields and are dying. But besides that, I think it will be...decent.


Mass Effect 3 Renegade/Insanity/Witcher 3

Finished playing through Mass Effect 1 and 2 as Renegade Commander (Melrose) Shepard. It took a while but got those to done now onto Mass Effect 3 as a renegade which my take some time considering there is a lot of planet scanning for War Assets and Intel for upgrades and the many missions. I also have to playthrough with my Paragon Shep on Insanity which will take up a lot of time considering I am always biotic charging into battle and shotgunning Cerberus Operatives or Reapers. 

Some info on my Renegade Shepard is that she is a badass who will do whatever it takes to get the mission done...Unless it involves kids because she has a weakness for kids. She's always wanted to have children but knows her background would make her seem like a monster...She loves asari women but has a (somewhat) closed relationship with Dr. Liara T'Soni and Aria T'Loak.


I'm also still continuing my New Game+ on the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Taking my time with it, doing all the side quests and witcher contracts. Not really doing the Fists of ____ or the Gwent ones this round. Just not feeling in the mood for those unless its necessary. 


Current Playthroughs

I'm playing through the Mass Effect Trilogy (again), currently on Mass Effect 2. This time I am trying my best to be as renegade as I can but it is hard. I am so used to being Paragon and I hate being an ass to the Normandy crew. I have yet to play the Overlord DLC but that DLC I know I am going to chose the paragon side...It's just awful if you chose the other one.

I am also currently playing through Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a second time with New Game+. This time romancing Yennefer while being my considerate, caring witcher self XD Even though witcher's aren't normally so considerate. I love Yennefer's cooler demeanor compared to Triss's fiery (sometimes scary) passion. And though this is most definitly not a romance option, I love Cirilla. So care-free and yet stubborn about getting her way. I also do love Johnny the Godling. I love all the different locations of the Witcher world, I really love Toussaint. Such a beautiful land.


My Gaming Experience Part 3

21. Game with the best story - Mass Effect Trilogy. It has the in-depth relationships and missions that have different outcomes based on what you chose in current or previous games.

22. A game sequel which disappointed you - Dragon Age Inquisition Trespasser DLC

23. Game you think had the best graphics or art style - I loved the art style (and mainly characters) in Overwatch.

24. Favorite Classic Game - Not sure...

25. A game you plan on playing - I have a long list but probably on the top of the list is Bioshock Trilogy but I have to be in the mood to play honestly

26. Best voice acting - Jennifer Hale as Commander Shepard (Female)

27. Most epic scene ever - Saren's Reaper being destroyed as the Citadel is under attack.

28. Favorite game developer - Bioware

29. A game you thought you wouldn't like, but ended up loving - To be honest, I though I wouldn't like the Witcher 3 but I thoroughly enjoy EVERYTHING about the game.

30. Favorite game of all time - Mass Effect 3


My Gaming Experience Part 2

Part 2!

11. Gaming System of Choice - PC all the way but if we are going with Consoles then PS4

12. A game everyone should play - Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Of course you have to be 18+ or so)

13. A game you've played more than 5 times - Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect Trilogy :D Bioware is love, Bioware is life.

14. Current Gaming Wallpaper -

15. A screen shot from the game you're playing right now

16. Game with the best cut scenes - Saints Row 3, full of swearing, violence, and comedy. My favorite

17. Favorite antagonist - *SOMEWHAT SPOILERS* Commander Shepard Clone (Mass Effect 3/Citadel DLC)

18. Favorite Protagonist - Ciri or Cirilla of Witcher 3, She is a powerful, beautiful swords(wo)man who loves to fight and have fun.

19. Picture of a game setting you wished you lived in -

20. Favorite Genre - Roleplaying, Scifi, Medieval, Survival, or Zombie (Or based in Japan-area)

My Gaming Experience Part 1

(Technically this was supposed to be a 30 Day Challenge thing but I'd rather make a 3 Part post)
1. Very First Videogame - I believe my first game was The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the Gamecube. I enjoyed the game but was too young to understand mechanics and puzzles so eventually stopped playing the game. Haven't finished to this day though I want to.

2. Favorite Videogame Character - There are so many but I have to go with my Paragon Commander (Fem)Shepard [Mass Effect]. Badass while being kind and caring. There is a whole back story to her but that's for another post. :)

3. A game that is underrated - I have to go with Yakuza: Dead Souls. I really enjoyed the game but it has like a rating of 5/10 though I would give it 9/10. I loved killing zombies while being in the Yakuza and having a storyline to it that peaked my interest. I consider it underrated.

4. Guilty Pleasure Game - Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed....Don't question it, just accept it.

5. Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were) - I'm not sure who I am most like but I wish I was more like Aria T'Loak of Mass Effect 2. She's a badass bitch who owns all of Omega, gets whatever she wants, and has 3 merc groups backing her. It's would be so cool to rule Omega with a biotic fist (plus the many extra years of living as an asari helps too)

6. Most Annoying Character - Preston Garvey of Fallout 4. No questions about it. I WILL NOT GO FIND/HELP ANOTHER SETTLEMENT!

7. Favorite Game Couple - If we are talking legitimate couple then I will have to go with FemHawke and Isabela from Dragon Age 2. Their relationship is so care-free and beautiful while they fight side by side and protect one another. But if we are talking about ships, the I will go with FemShep and Ashley (they are my OTP)

8. Best Soundtrack - Mass Effect (all of them) the soundtrack always brings me back to the missions or the event that goes along with the music. Always.

9. Saddest Game Scene -  *SPOILERS* The synthesis ending for Mass Effect 3. The ending always gets to me. When they jump into the beam to synthesize the galaxy and stop the reapers, I know its for the best but it always gives me the feels.

10. Best Game Play - Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I thoroughly enjoy Mass Effect 3 (though the planet scanning is pain) but Witcher 3 has really good gameplay, missions, side missions, quests, characters, detail in graphics. I love Geralt and the rest alot but my favorite characters are Johnny the Godling and Uma.

Part 2 | Part 3


Random Thinking Aloud Post

Random Thinking Aloud Post:

So life has been a bit...not lonely but something similar. I guess isolated is a better word. I've been gaming alone recently (though playing amazing games such as the Witcher 3, Mass Effect, NSUNS 4, WoW, etc). I've been wanting to play with my best-friend but she's been wanting alone time with her bf, WHICH IS FINE, it's just lonesome after a while. I know I could go out an find more, new friends but its like....People suck, whether it's all the time or some of the time or even those rare occasioner's but they are the harshest of them all. I'd rather have my isolated time alone, playing games solo or random online people rather than making friends with people who will inevitably suck.

On another note, I've been drawing more. Haven't really posted on to Deviantart though I probably should.


Long Time, No See Blogger

So I haven't used blogger in like 2 years but I thoroughly enjoy my blog :3 I'm going to try and start to use it more often but I do apologize if I dont.
Let's see what's happened in the past two years....
  • I have had two jobs
  • Gained many new games to my library, I enjoy most of them
  • Won a contest with Pokemon (which was awesome)
  • Made some new friends
  • Spent about 1-2 weeks getting a Gnome Monk to lvl 110 on World of Warcraft (that was recently considering Legion just came out)
  • Went through all the main stories on the Empire side of the SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic)
  • Sketched and Wrote some in the past two years (Check out my Deviantart for more!: )
  • Finished games such as: The Witcher 3, NSUNS 4, Sleeping Dogs, Stardew Valley, A couple more playthroughs of the Mass Effect Trilogy and Dragon Age Trilogy, Black Ops 3 Campaign (enjoyed it oddly enough), Starbound
  • Currently playing/through: Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition,  The Witcher 3 New Game+, Jedi Stories of SWTOR, Saints Row the Third DLC, Overwatch Competitive, Bioshock Trilogy, Akiba's Trip, Virtue's Last Reward, Persona 4, AoT Vita Game, probably more games than that ^w^
  • Been somewhat out of the manga/anime scene but I want to get back into it. Sadly Hulu decided to be a pay only service so I've switched to Yahoo View for anime. I also read mangas on Mangahere
  • Bought like 12 books that I've barely touched lol\

Probably more stuff has happened but I just cant remember.... ANYWHO, I keep more up to date on other applications: 

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