Sister Rant #2

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My sister plans things without asking my mom. She says "Oh by the way I'm going to the Football game after practice. Don't worry __(Insert Friend Name)__'s mom said it was okay."

She makes plans with friends, without inviting my mom and me, and the complains how we don't include her. She doesn't include us all the time. We don't get to upset because we don't really like doing what she's doing. A lot of the time we ask her and she says no then later on she yell at us for not including her or asking her.
Note: what is written below is in an angry voice and in the point of view of my sister (somewhat)
She remembers things as she is always right. My mom and I never include in anything, because are monsters who are just out to get her and she has the most hardest life ever compared to everyone else in the world. She can as much carbs as she wants and she is allowed to takes people's things and claim that she 'forgot'. She can do anything she wants cause she has the hardest life!!!!!!

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